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Dance and Weight Training: A Perfect Pas de deux?

weight training

Weight training. Doesn’t exactly fit into the ballerina image does it? But dancers could benefit from adding it to their fitness routine. Lauren addresses why and the common concerns dancers have about doing so.

At Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Everybody Dances

Parkinsons Project participants at Hubbard Street Dance Center

Contributor Lauren Warnecke, gives a special #whydancematters report on the Adaptive Dance Program at Hubbard Street serving adults with Parkinson’s, and now youth with Autism and physical disabilities.

The Long and Short of Achilles Tendon Health

Achilles stretching

Find out the best way to avoid lower leg and achilles tendon injury, plus learn how to properly stretch the achilles to promote tendon health.

How To Devise an Effective Pre-Show Warm-up

Class of dancers sitting, stretching side. Photo by Savage Rose Photography

There are three methods of warming-up in the exercise world: Passive, General, and Specific. Lauren reminds us that dancers often utilize all three before a performance but could often do so more effectively. Here’s how.

Dance Instructors and Injury Management: Leave it to the Pros

An x-ray of the foot

Diagnosis of injury is for health professionals. When your student is hurt, Lauren teaches you how to offer recommendations instead of giving medical advice and help your student through the injury process.

Four Things I Learned from Teaching Littles


Lauren went from teaching young dancers ballet to teaching college students how to exercise. Surprisingly, teaching the “pampers” crowd was great preparation. Here are four things she learned that have helped make interactions with her university students successful.

Sprains, Strains, and How To Deal…(Meet Your Feet, Part 3)

ligaments of the foot

The difference between a strain and a sprain; a ligament and a tendon. Take a closer look at injuries and how to cope throughout the recovery process.

Meet Your Feet, Part 2


Did you know there are 4 arches of the foot? Are you aware that improper alignment of the foot can lead to two of the most common dance injuries? Lauren discusses the middle of the foot and suggests exercises to build strength in the feet.

Meet Your Feet, Part 1


It is crucial that a dancer take good care of his or her feet. Start with these general maintenance tips to prevent and treat minor injuries. And, don’t miss Lauren’s list of dance bag essentials for healthy feet.

Homemade Hot/Cold Compress For Dancers


Lauren Warnecke gets crafty with a fun gift idea for dancers, teachers, studio owners, and anyone with aches, pains, or minor swelling. Easy to make! Photos and instructions in this tutorial.

Dance Your PhD: Choreographer/Bioengineer Christopher Knowlton explores knee replacement through dance


What was once a little known video contest for PhD students to explain their research through dance has blown up into a full-scale online dance film fest. Dance Your PhD makes science accessible and understandable to everyone, communicating complex ideas, without watering it down or shutting the rest of us out. Lauren chats with Choreographer/Bioengineer Christopher Knowlton about how he’s combined his two worlds to create a dance film about knee replacement for the Dance Your PhD contest.

The Fit Dancer: Get off the couch for back-to-dance bootcamp!


Back-to-school time is upon us, and with the freshly sharpened pencils and crisp wide-ruled paper also come the frightening anticipation of returning to dance.  While most studios offer some sort of summer intensive and many dancers go away to professional intensives, chances are many young dancers spend a good chunk of summer putting in serious time on the sofa.  Sure, taking a break is a great idea, but going from little or no daily activity back to three, four, or {Read More}