Giving Thanks Giveaway: The Body Series

Deborah Vogel of The Body Series would like to give away the Essential Anatomy Multimedia Course to ONE lucky Dance Advantage reader. Place a comment at this post, answering the question: What is the dance correction, statement, or “teacher-ism” you would most like explained anatomically?

College Bound – Your Career in Dance

Being a university dance alum myself, it is my desire to help new and future college students with their transition to studying dance in a university setting. I have already posted topics on this subject, however, if you are new to the blog you may not know about them so I thought I’d do a little re-post compiling the articles. Also, I’d like to provide you with resources for further investigation. Check out the links at the bottom of this {Read More}

A Dancer’s Guide: How to Decide on a College

What to consider when choosing a school for dance study and training at a college or university in order to reach your dance career goals.

A Dancer’s Guide: Tips for College (Part III)

This is the third installment in my Tips for College series. Please see Part I and Part II for more of my thoughts and advice on the college experience. This post will focus on academic classes both within and outside of a dance major, as well as general advice about life on campus. Theory and Liberal Arts Classes In addition to classes in which you further your education as a performer of dance (technique classes), as a dance major or {Read More}

A Dancer’s Guide: Tips for College (Part II)

Tips for College Part I dealt with what to expect in technique classes and performance rehearsals, as well as some tips for success in these areas. In continuation of the series, I will highlight two aspects of dance in higher education with which many incoming students have little experience. Improvisation Improvisation may be an entirely new concept for some of you (if we’re not counting the off-the-cuff choreography you’ve performed in front of your bedroom mirror). I count myself very {Read More}