Balancing Dance and Your Busy Holiday Schedule

Feeling more frazzled than festive this holiday season? Here are some tips and tools for finding balance among the bauble this time of year.

A Parents’ Guide To Your First Dance Competition

For parents new to dance competitions, we’ve got some to-do tasks and the ultimate dance competition checklist to help you and your dancer prepare for and survive that first competition weekend.

4 Reasons to Meet Other Dance Moms

Dance moms need each other! A real dance parent gives 4 great reasons to make a connection at your next competition or audition.

Dance May Keep Kids From Eating Their Brains

The benefits of movement and dance for children may seem obvious to you and I, but science (and a little sea creature) has more to reveal about why movement is fundamentally important to humans. If you think you’ve considered every possible reason kids should learn to dance, think again.

Making The Case For Barefoot Preschool Dance

Tie my shoes! My Feet Hurt! Sound Familiar? Maria makes a case for why teachers should toss the dance shoes aside and ask preschoolers to dance barefoot.

The Perfect (and Painless) Ballet Bun – It Can Be Done!

Going beyond ‘how to make a ballet bun’, Angeline’s tutorial provides tips that help moms and dance teachers keep your dancers comfortable during the bun-making process. These pointers for pain-free and hygienic hairstyling are a must for exam and competition days!

A Ballet DVD For Petite Feet

Enter to win the Petite Feet DVD. The video incorporates activities, grounded in Laban Movement Analysis, that playfully connect movement education to everyday learning. It offers a gender neutral ballet experience that, like Liz Vacco’s classes, is enjoyed by girls and boys alike. A wonderful addition to the DVDs in your child’s collection. Giveaway ends Feb 16, 2012.

This Is Why I Bother

To those who aren’t dancers or teachers, all the little rules and details we observe and require of our students may seem silly or pointless. But we have our reasons and they’re illustrated in Melanie Doskocil’s final entry for the year in Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files.

What’s Not To Love About A Pink Walrus?

Take little dancers on a Ballet Adventure with Liz Vacco. Her Petite Feet DVD presents developmentally appropriate ballet concepts and vocabulary with imaginative stories and imagery and original songs. The set and a friendly Walrus have Yo Gabba Gabba charm but there are more reasons kids, parents, and teachers will love this new DVD for young dancers.

Burnout, Obstacles, and Overcommitment

Mental Performance Consultant, Chantale Lussier-Ley, who works extensively with dancers has already given us her professional advice on “quitting dance” and on nurturing positive rivalry in dance. This time we asked her three quick but big questions on Burnout, Obstacles, Overcommitment. See what she had to say to parents on these important topics.

How To Nurture Positive Rivalry in Competition and Dance at Home

How dance students feel, interpret, and react to competition, is often a reflection of how competition is perceived and valued at home. Learn how to discuss the purpose of competition with your child, encourage excellence and debrief after a competition, and offer unconditional positive support so that his/her experience is a healthy one.

“Mom, I want to quit dance.”

Dropping out is a big deal when you’ve invested a lot in dance training. How does a parent get to the bottom of their child’s desire to quit? Do you let her quit or make her stick it out? Chantale Lussier-Ley, a mental performance consultant who’s worked a lot with dancers, helps parents handle this situation with finesse and confidence.