Sunday Snapshot: Magic Moments

Scott W. Lewis doesn’t shoot professionally and has no background in dance, but has captured many magic moments with a camera. First, he photographed his daughters for keepsakes, later turning it into a hobby that’s put his work on the cover of Dance Studio Life and right here on Dance Advantage.

Sunday Snapshot: Tango For Us

Dance is what Moncho Vallejos knows. It’s the family business and his sister is a dancer. “That’s how I became interested in dancing. On top of performing it, capturing it in moments,” he says. See this captured moment from “Operación Bailarina Estudio 4: Gala”, an event that brought together some of the best dancers in Yucatán, Mexico and guest performers from Camagüey, Cuba’s own city ballet.

Sunday Snapshot: Creation Of An Image

Austin, TX photographer, Josh Brewster thinks the best dance images are the ones where you have to ask ‘What were they doing to reach that position and shape?’ He values the collaborative process that takes place between photographer and dancer in the studio. Find out which famous painting comes to Josh’s mind when regarding this image of young, Austin Meiteen (age 11).

Sunday Snapshot: Staring At The Sea

Blossoming dancer and dance photographer, Kristen Newsom, shares a picturesque photo – an arabesque on the New England coast – and her dual passions for dance and photography, as she looks forward to another summer at Burklyn Ballet and a new semester at Sam Houston State University.

Sunday Snapshot: Midst of a Late Winter

When Melissa K. Dooley added this recent shot to our Flickr photo pool, I couldn’t resist showing off another of her lovely photos. I find it reminiscent of a Rorschach ink test… and equally as mesmerizing! Melissa took this self portrait on a snowy (yes, snowy) day in April of this year.

Sunday Snapshot: Ballerina Lounging in Central Park

The dancer in this photo, Julia dances with Houston Repertoire Ballet. The photo is one in a series Melissa took while on a trip to New York City. After watching American Ballet Theatre’s dress rehearsal for Swan Lake along side Ethan Steifel and Jared Matthews, the girls were inspired to dance (naturally), and Melissa suggested they head to Central Park.

Sunday Snapshot: Sheer Perfection

Kimene Slattery-Ching is a Queensland based award winning dance photographer offering on site, on location, or in studio dance portfolios for dancers. She is a former dancer and maintains a keen interest in rehabilitative – expressive dance movement, Kimene has also turned to her camera to combine her two loves – dance and photography. This photo dramatically depicts a ballet dancer in blue and white chiffon, arching her back against the billowing fabric.

Sunday Snapshot: Juliet and her Romeo

How sports photographer, Michael Seaman, fell in love with capturing ballet. Featured photo: Dress rehearsal of Boston Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet. Larissa Ponomarenko and Nelson Madrigal, Feb 2008.

Sunday Snapshot: The Silent Current

Paolo Santos came to photography by way of film making. He got his first digital SLR camera strictly to create time lapse sequences for his work in 2005. When the camera was not taking time lapse, he was snapping images here and there and finally, one day decided to get serious with it. This image was taken outdoors in Utah and it features his wife, Caroline Sicard.

Sunday Snapshot: Back To Basics

“One day I got together with one of my students and we decided to experiment with the camera in the studio. Out of all the photos from that day the featured photo is one of my favourites. I have been enjoying experimenting with dance and photography over the past three years and I look forward to learning more. Dance is my passion. Directing girls in front of the camera is my new form of dancing.”

Sunday Snapshot: Back In Black

Dubbing these “Random Acts of Dance,” Randy describes the journey through Albuquerque’s city streets. “We started our Sunday morning at a Starbucks Coffee located at the Albuquerque Uptown mall to plan our day. We then took the photo shoot to a local park, and then ended up on Central Ave. (old Route 66) where the girls changed into jeans, and colorful pointe shoes to finish up the day.”

Sunday Snapshot: Mr. Curiosity

“From my perspective as a dance photographer, it’s about capturing the passion in the moments during a routine that translates the music visually to the audience through dance. A picture is worth a thousand words.” Of the young man in the photo above, Rene adds, “Austin does a great job of transferring his passion visually in this shot.”