Structuring Your Preschool Dance Class

Maria shares why it’s important to have a clear structure when teaching preschool dance class. She can’t stress it enough, structure makes a world of a difference!

This Is Why I Bother

To those who aren’t dancers or teachers, all the little rules and details we observe and require of our students may seem silly or pointless. But we have our reasons and they’re illustrated in Melanie Doskocil’s final entry for the year in Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files.

Exploration ➙ Structure ➙ Choreography: Helping Students Make Their Own Dances

A reader, looking for resources to assist in helping the students create their own dances, asks for recommendations. Included is a list of books and manuals on dance composition and improvisation plus my own quick tips for working with younger age groups as they begin their exploration of choreography.