Dancers Need Space… For Their Thoughts

The Dance This Notebook is an uncluttered dance journal with original quotes and line drawings that directly speak to the creative spirit of dancers. Freely record your ideas, reflections, accomplishments, or corrections.

The Procrastinator’s Dance Gift Guide

Never fear, the digital age is here! These online or downloadable gifts are a procrastinator’s dream. Give these gifts to the dancers or dance teachers in your life.

Creative Process: 10 Ideas for Moving Beyond the Steps

The ways movement is inspired, how it is developed, edited, and finally presented is a process. Concert dance is all about the intent and the journey, which lead to the product. If this idea is new to you, here is a ten-step list of how to engage in a process from K-12 teacher, Heather Vaughan-Southard.

Sneak Peek at the New Dance Advantage E-course

For the first time, Dance Advantage is releasing premium material for those who want to unlock new doors in their dance training. For 40 weeks, receive an email with 4 components giving you something to DO, LEARN, THINK about, and INSPIRE you in your classes. 4 for 40 is designed for students who want to be better, smarter, stronger dancers and dance students by the end of the dance year.

Celebrating Successes With A Dance Journal

Dance teacher, Nants Foley created a special 70-page book for her students. Called A Dancer’s Steps it includes space for recording class work and progress as well as content like checklists, quotes, ballet vocabulary, foot care, and more. She has published the journal and workbook, making them available beyond her own dance school so we talk with Nants about the book and how she encourages journal-writing in her own ballet classes.