Outside the Bubble: Encouraging Students to Develop Their Own Dance Community

Nowadays, social media is a way of life and a way of interacting in a community. Online communities provide a sense of identity, belonging, and opportunities that don’t exist in traditional communities the way they once did. Personally speaking, I find it easier to find like-minded colleagues online than in my own neighborhood. Here, I am one of a minority group of dance artists that may or may not share the same expectations, aesthetics, approaches, and standards. However, communicating online {Read More}

Do You Blog About Dance? Be One of the Top 20 of 2011

Enter your blog in our 2nd Annual Top Dance Blog contest. Real readers will choose their favorite blogs according to category and overall popularity. However, no blog is too small and every participant has something to gain, including a chance to engage and grow your audience. Don’t miss out! Enter now or share the event with your favorite dance blogger.

Dance/USA comes to Chicago!

Columnist and Chicago resident, Lauren Warnecke was in attendance for the Dance/USA 2011 Annual Conference. Sharing moments from the keynote speech and reflecting on one of the conference’s major themes, audience engagement, Lauren describes the value of getting dancers together in the same room.

What Do They Mean By ‘Contemporary’ On SYTYCD?

Labels stink but we kind of need them. Contemporary dance is a label that could use a bit of clarification. So many are attempting to sort it all out. An educated guesser, I try to make sense of it all, question, reflect and hopefully inspire some clarity along the way.