“Black or White” to Black and White: Dance History and the Music Video

IMAGE Toe Stand in Black Boots IMAGE

“The only thing new in dance is you.” A friend shared that quote from an Ohio University professor years ago and it has stuck with me.  Every year I find myself chuckling to myself as I listen to kids claim movements as “their” choreography when really many are sampling from the limited palette of movement they’ve witnessed, usually music videos. The question inevitably becomes- How do I get them interested in expanding their bubble? In grad school, I had the {Read More}

Sunday Snapshot: Midst of a Late Winter

IMAGE A ballet dancer balances on her pelvis against a veiled window. On a reflective surface with a reversed image, there appears to be four of her. IMAGE

When Melissa K. Dooley added this recent shot to our Flickr photo pool, I couldn’t resist showing off another of her lovely photos. I find it reminiscent of a Rorschach ink test… and equally as mesmerizing! Melissa took this self portrait on a snowy (yes, snowy) day in April of this year.

Sunday Snapshot: Ballerina Lounging in Central Park

IMAGE A ballet dancer lounges on a stone wall in Central Park, New York City. IMAGE

The dancer in this photo, Julia dances with Houston Repertoire Ballet. The photo is one in a series Melissa took while on a trip to New York City. After watching American Ballet Theatre’s dress rehearsal for Swan Lake along side Ethan Steifel and Jared Matthews, the girls were inspired to dance (naturally), and Melissa suggested they head to Central Park.

Sunday Snapshot: Let it Snow

Anna-Mi Fredriksson in Queens Park; London, February 2, 2009; Photo by Ben Hopper

This photo of Anna-Mi Fredriksson (former English National Ballet and solo artist) was taken in Queens Park, London on February 2, 2009. London city was shut down due to the snow which, as you can see, blanketed everything. “Anna-Mi and I lived next to the park,” photographer, Ben Hopper explains, “so the whole thing was a ‘let’s go to the snowy park to take fun pictures’.”

Sunday Snapshot: Shadow Eclipse

A dancer, her face and form eclipsed by shadow, arcs her body

His interest in capturing dance was borne out of an ongoing personal project to explore the theme of movement in his photography. “Since we naturally move around in our clothes,” Paul explains, “I am interested to capture an aspect of movement in my work, mainly from a fashion point of view. The natural extension of that was to incorporate dance

Sunday Snapshot: Opening Circle

© Peter Voerman

In 1999 he published a duo-tone series of his three sons which remains his most honored work. Since then he has published more than seven photography collections. Exhibitions of his work, including The Beauty of Ballet have toured throughout The Netherlands.

Sunday Snapshot: Trapezium


I was so wowed by this image when I saw it appear in the Sunday Snapshot pool. The distal reach of the dancer’s arms create a striking diagonal and, of course, the musculature of a dancer’s back is always an absorbing feature. I was very taken by the angular shape of the body and play of shadow and light, and I thought you would be too. About the Photographer: Dave Wood is a part-time photographer from Denver, Colorado. His primary focus is on black and white images of the nude human form.

Sunday Snapshot: Shape and Shadow


Simone Boos is currently a second year college student who started Simone Boos Photography in January of 2009 at the age of 18. A native of Indianapolis, Simone works all around the Hoosier state as well as in mid-Michigan where she attends school. Simone became interested in photography as a high school student and has, since that time, pursued it at every opportunity. The dancer is Sara Little of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre (Indianapolis, Indiana). The photo was from the dance company’s season shoot for 2009-2010 specifically for a production called The Casket Girls