“Help! I Needed Those Dance Costumes Yesterday”

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You’re out of time. You’ve already tried everything. But the costume company is failing to make up for their mistake. Keep your cool and take these next steps to get results from their customer service department.

Keep a Costume Scare from Turning into a Nightmare

Dealing with Costume Company Customer Service

The words ‘costume season’ can send chills down a studio owner’s spine. If (or when) something goes wrong with your dance costume order, follow these tips when dealing with a costume company’s customer service department.

Surviving the Unexpected Fun of Being a Dance Studio Owner

A woman with a headache

Owning a dance studio isn’t always fun. Suzanne Blake Gerety shares four ways you can weather the unexpected ups and downs of studio ownership and stay successful in your dance studio business.

Better Group Communication: Dancers Have It All

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Passionate people can work together even when they don’t see eye to eye. Dean of Academics at The Boston Conservatory, Dr. Patricia Hoy, shares how ensemble dancers hold the keys to better communication; nurturing the individual artist while providing extraordinary group results with the tension-release-movement principle.

Starting a Special Needs Dance Program

Special needs dancers, the MVD Super Stars, in performance

Are you curious about starting dance classes for special needs dancers? MVD Super Stars organizer, Shanelle Gangstad, talks about what they teach the positives and the pains of growing a successful program.

Tips on Making a Video to Market Your Studio

Nel Shelby shooting at a dance studio

Covenant Ballet Artistic Director, Marla Hirokawa joins videographer Nel Shelby to answer a few questions about the making of their promotional video. so studio owners can see how to make this kind of video work for their business.

How to Find, Hire, and Train The Ideal Office Staff For Your Dance Studio

Expertise Concept

When your office runs smoothly, your dance studio is poised for success and growth. But because demands on your time and attention are already intense, it is key to hire staff who are effective and efficient. Suzanne Gerety’s tips help you find and hire the ideal office staff so you can focus on what you do best.

What’s To Love About Dance Competition Drama?

Star award against curtain background

All dance studios have drama but the heightened intensity of competition can create difficult moments for studio owners. There are silver linings for your business, though, when you use these moments to grow, strengthen, and make changes. Suzanne Gerety shares how negatives can sometimes be a positive for your dance studio.

How To Inspire, Build Trust, And Lead From The Inside-Out

Photo by Katie Sayer

How do you turn followers into fans? What does it take to be a leader that inspires action or influences behavior? How do you build a customer base or group that is loyal and enthusiastic? How do you make the right decisions or choose next-steps for your organization or business? How will you know when things go off the rails? The answer, according to Simon Sinek, keynote speaker for the Dance/USA conference 2012, is to Start With Why.

Keep The Passion For Dance Alive As You Grow Your Business

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5 Tools That Streamline Your Dance Studio’s Office Management


Would you like to manage your office remotely, improve intercommunication, and more easily process tuition, gather feedback, and market your dance studio? If so, give these 5 tools (many of them free) a try.