10 Things To Do Before You Even Think About Selling Your Studio

Your dance studio isn’t “just a business” but if you’re even thinking about selling, you have to be prepared to look at it as one. Here’s what you’ll need for a quicker, easier sale.

Christmas Tree Ideas For Your Dance Studio

Inspired by the variety of festive ways we’ve seen dance studio owners and management decorating trees for their lobbies at Christmastime, here’s a collection of ideas we think you’ll love.

“Help! I Needed Those Dance Costumes Yesterday”

You’re out of time. You’ve already tried everything. But the costume company is failing to make up for their mistake. Keep your cool and take these next steps to get results from their customer service department.

Keep a Costume Scare from Turning into a Nightmare

The words ‘costume season’ can send chills down a studio owner’s spine. If (or when) something goes wrong with your dance costume order, follow these tips when dealing with a costume company’s customer service department.

Surviving the Unexpected Fun of Being a Dance Studio Owner

Owning a dance studio isn’t always fun. Suzanne Blake Gerety shares four ways you can weather the unexpected ups and downs of studio ownership and stay successful in your dance studio business.