Laying The Path To Your Best Work in Dance And Education

A year ago Heather wanted to quit teaching dance. She’s back but with new purpose after reevaluating and evolving. Find out what it took to find her way back.

On Paths and Pyramids: Reshaping The Future of Dance

Competition dance ends at 18 years old. At that point dancers make a choice to buy-in or let go to a different view of dance. How do we help them with the transition?

When Challenging Advanced Dancers Presents Challenges

Heather works through the challenges of working with “advanced dancers” as she encourages high school company dancers, who feel pressure to perform and meet expectations, to move and think outside their comfort zones.

Setting Kids Free To Move and Play in the Classroom

“The Real Reason Why Children Fidget” is an article that has struck a chord with parents and teachers. Heather responds with her observations of middle-school dance class students and the movement patterns and organization she witnessed in other classrooms.

You Asked: Following Up on Great Questions

Columnist, Heather Vaughan-Southard shares how to deal with dancers uncomfortable with their bodies and jazz isolations, plus answers more questions from readers on middle school dancers and visual aids in the classroom.