Tools For Tap Dance: Pocket Steps

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Deep Pockets Ask tap dancer Jason Janas what he thinks about pocket steps and he will tell you, “The pocket always wins.”  Pocket steps can be current and dazzling, or classic and nostalgic. The positive response from your audience is all the proof you will need that you are indeed winning. What Are Pocket Steps? Pocket steps are a collection of rhythms, phrases and steps that a tap dancer accumulates and keeps in the back of their mind, ready for {Read More}

Tap Shoe Review: Capezio’s Boy’s Tapster

Capezio Tapster

Tristan tears apart the Capezio Tapster for an in-depth review of the this beginner shoe for boys. What’s inside might surprise you!

15 Tap-Happy Treatise By Tristan

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Catch up on or revisit these essential TAPography articles by Tristan Bruns. Famous tap steps and their history, buying and customizing tap shoes, the relationship of tap dance to music, and teaching tap skills.

Tap Classics: In-The-Trenches and Over-The-Tops


These popular flash steps were the innovations and contributions of Toots Davis. Learn more about Davis and the history behind classic tap steps, in-the-trenches and over-the-tops.

Tap Classics: Paddle and Roll Heroes, Lon Chaney & Bunny Briggs


Many contenders could claim to be “the king” of paddle and roll (also called paradiddles) but no other dancer is identified more with the tap step than tap icon, Lon Chaney. Bunny Briggs has also made his mark with the step, as have others. Learn more about paddle and roll and its origins.

Tap Classics: Frank Condos and 5-Count Wings

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In the 1920s, wings were all the rage, and many variations existed. The Pump, the Pendulum, the Saw, the Double Back… like time steps, most dancers had a signature wing variation. But there was one variation in particular that caught the public’s attention, and it was the 5-count wing, created by Frank Condos.

Chloe Arnold’s ‘My Life, My Diary, My Dance’

Chloe cover

Chloe Arnold is confident in her life’s journey, as is evident in her one woman show, “My Life, My Diary, My Dance”. Through entries of Chloe’s ‘diary’ we come to understand the relationships and circumstances that developed her into the powerhouse performer that she is today. While the style and flow of the evening was uniquely Chloe Arnold, she makes it very clear that this show is not just about her. In this article Chloe Arnold speaks with columnist Tristan Bruns on tap, her influences, and new directions in this review and interview.

Tools for Tap Improvisation: The Time Step

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Improvisation is an absolutely essential part of dance education and perhaps more so in tap than in other styles. Tap dance is a very virtuosic art form and the ability to ‘think on your feet’ is absolutely necessary in order to experience everything that tap has to offer. Learn how to use a time step structure as a starting point to hone improvisational skills and express individuality.

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Teaching Tap Improvisation: Exercises for Beginners


Begin with a very structured 4/4 song that does not have any strange segues or extra measures. Have all students beat their hands on their legs, clap or snap to the beat. Continue their time keeping, but have them now count out loud – “1..2..3..4”. Be sure you do not have them count “5..6..7..8”. This is a cardinal sin in the music world, as you’ll find out if you dance with live musicians! Explain to your students that each set of four counts is a measure, or a bar. I often use this with my elementary students who are learning addition and/or multiplication. Creator, Colby’s Long And Winding Road Advisory Board

His path in dance and (I hope he won’t mind my saying) in life has been somewhat indirect. While it’s awesome to see a driven and focused career materialize, the truth is, most dancers I know have traveled a long and winding road. So, I thought it would be interesting to represent that and talk with Colby on the blog.