From Ballet to the Barnyard: Picture Books in 2011

Looking through the list of dance-related picture books that were released in the United States in 2011, three unique categories of books stand out. Picture Books & Pirouettes blogger, Kerry Aradhya looks at little ballerina characters who could give Angelina a run for her money, Spanish and Latin American dance, and books that explore the joy of movement.

Expand Your Library or Horizons: 13 Books on Dance and Culture

Dr. Renee Rothman, a dancer and cultural anthropologist, share 13 books that address the human meaning and experience of dancing in cultures throughout the world. Selected because they are easy for general audiences to read, these texts cover dance throughout history, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, and Social Dance in America, Latin Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, and dance in China. Expand your dance library or your horizons with this reading list.