“Late Beginner” Blues And How To Get Beyond Them

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Possibly the worst thing dancers can do when there is a strong desire to improve is make negative comparisons of themselves to other dancers. Sometimes comparisons help us create a realistic picture and provide awareness of where we are and where we still have to go. However, comparisons must stop there.

Curtain Call: The Art and Expectations of Performance Time

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It is very important to be budget conscious but also expectation conscious as well when it comes to dance recitals and performances. With everyone on the same page, performance time can be a magnificent time to learn, develop, explore and ultimately have fun!

10 Credits Dancers Take With Them to College

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As a college professor I work with college students every day. I see the qualities that successful students have, and I see the qualities that the less successful students lack. I believe that the dance education that my daughters received helped to reinforce many of the important qualities that made them successful in college and will help them succeed in their lives.

How To Discuss Problems With Your Studio Director and Be Heard


If you are hoping to discuss changes with a teacher or director, follow this plan for making your approach. 1. Take a breath 2. Develop an argument 3. Time your approach 4. Buffer your complaint 5. Be willing to listen 6. Be willing to walk away

Confessions of a Busy Dance Mom


I’m probably a great example of some of the moms at your studio I suppose, who can barely find the time to get the lunches packed and get to school on time. Let alone read the many papers and emails and notices that come home on a regular basis. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Parents, Which Type of Helicopter Are You?

Blogger, Vicki Nelson recently did a three-part series about “Helicopter Parents.” As I read the articles, the dreaded term “stage mom” came to mind. Parents of university-bound students are not the only ones who “hover.”

9 Posts for Parents

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A collection of past articles on Dance Advantage that are particularly useful for parents of dancers.

Accentuate the Positive

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#responsiblesports asks “As a parent, how do you encourage and reinforce the positive aspects of youth sports?”

College Days Ahead? Don’t Miss “College Parent Central”


Its focus is on arming the parents of college students with the tools they need to assist their college student. The information within, though, is just as relevant for students who wish to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

When Should My Child See A Doctor for Dance Injuries?

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It is normal to have temporary muscle soreness after a challenging class or when working in a new way. Often small injuries become more severe because proper care is not administered early or because dancers continue self-care despite warning signs that more specialized care may be necessary.

Exclusively Ours — Anthony LoCascio Talks About Danceregister


The dance world’s gated community where members of the industry gather. With safety as a priority, parents are assured security for even their young dancers.

Excavating the Archives – Don’t Miss These Posts!


Links, Links, Links! Dance articles and sites you don’t want to miss!