7 Reasons You Are Lucky to Be a Dancer

Today’s your lucky day! Sharing a little pot of gold with you this St. Patrick’s Day – 7 awesome benefits of being a dancer. We’d be over the rainbow, if you would read, share, and comment.

Summer Dance: Fiction With Real Insight And Heart

In the midst of tough competition and authentic episodes of teenage drama, Lynn Swanson’s characters learn and demonstrate ways to get along and work together. This timeless “young adult” novel will appeal to both non-dancers and dancers alike.

This Is Why I Bother

To those who aren’t dancers or teachers, all the little rules and details we observe and require of our students may seem silly or pointless. But we have our reasons and they’re illustrated in Melanie Doskocil’s final entry for the year in Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files.

What a Candy Cane Can Teach About The Virtues of a Dancer

Young ballet dancers gain integral qualities that lead to success, not only in dance, but in life. Guest and School of the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Director, Melanie Doskocil describes for readers two occasions when it was clear her students had discovered important life lessons – ones that will carry them far toward a successful future.

LINES and Limitations: Ask Yourself This Question

Some lessons stay with us for life. In this installment of Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files, Melanie Doskocil talks about a particularly difficult rehearsal and the lesson mentor and choreographer, Alonzo King, taught her about limits and giving more when you think you’ve given it all.

I’m A Better Backpacker Thanks To Ballet

No doubt, dancers acquire some very unique traits and talents that make them very special. But dance also makes you very spatial! Guest writer, Melanie Doskocil muses on how this ability has supported her backpacking hobby in the first of a series about the sometimes surprising life lessons and skills we learn through dance. Read her amusing account of how ballet comes in handy in the wilderness and stay tuned for more from Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files.

How To Nurture Positive Rivalry in Competition and Dance at Home

How dance students feel, interpret, and react to competition, is often a reflection of how competition is perceived and valued at home. Learn how to discuss the purpose of competition with your child, encourage excellence and debrief after a competition, and offer unconditional positive support so that his/her experience is a healthy one.

How Much Dance Should My Child Be Taking? – Money and Value

You may still have concerns about your investment in dance training. Your child is busy, taking hours of dance class per week, and you are wondering, “Is all of this money going toward the right things? Is my budding dancer getting what he or she needs for the best value?”

How To Act (And React) Like A Professional

A consummate professional is constructive, positive, is motivated and has the ability to motivate others, displays generosity, and takes the high road. If you want to be seen as a professional in your career and in your life, you must develop strong leadership skills. And leaders are most often defined by their reactions to situations, rather than their actions.