What’s To Love About Dance Competition Drama?

All dance studios have drama but the heightened intensity of competition can create difficult moments for studio owners. There are silver linings for your business, though, when you use these moments to grow, strengthen, and make changes. Suzanne Gerety shares how negatives can sometimes be a positive for your dance studio.

Spring Fever Giveaway 2011: Squirrel Trench Audio Editing

Squirrel Trench Audio, offering music editing and original remixes for dance, would like to give away one editing session of a single song to dance competition/recital length to THREE different Dance Advantage readers. Squirrel Trench Audio will make the edited song available online for winners to download in both high quality mp3 format, as well as aiff for highest quality when burning to CD. Since the finished product will be made available for downloading, our winners can be located anywhere.

Appropriate Choices In Dance Choreography For Young Girls

I seriously doubt that any harm is intended. Some say it’s about money and winning – shock value in the truest sense. I can only conclude that the decision to imply or impose an adult sexuality upon one who is not yet an adult, comes down to poor judgment. This does not release anyone involved from responsibility. When we work with children the standards must be higher and the choices must not be careless because children cannot truly choose for themselves while adults are guiding and influencing them.