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We Know #WhyDanceMatters


A few years ago, I dreamed up a social media initiative called Why Dance Matters. It wasn’t the first time the question had been asked or answered in one way or another but, with the help of a handy hashtag (#whydancematters), I hosted a “virtual event” and the concept caught on. Soon people were sharing their thoughts on why dance matters to them, to their communities, and to the world. The great thing about #whydancematters is that, because of its {Read More}

B Dancewear Offers A Rainbow Of Dancewear Options

BDancewear Color Swatches

B Dancewear offers nearly 40 types of dancewear basics in over 200 colors, in an array of fabrics. See what we have to say about the products they sent us.

Start-Up Stories: The Multi-Disciplinary Arts Program

Roger Lee Arts Academy

Former contributor, Roger Lee shares why he’s starting a multi-disciplinary arts training center for youth in Philadelphia, how he’s marketing it, and how he’s balancing it with the direction of his dance company.

Contemporary Dance Technique: Spiral Roll

"spiral" by Martin Fisch is licensed CC BY SA 2.0

Spiral rolls are a smooth and safe way to get to the floor in contemporary dance technique. In our post, this roll to the floor is broken down with a list of fundamentals to practice and common mistakes to avoid.

15 Ways To Prepare For Your First Year As A College Dance Major

The Dance Majors Freshman Fifteen

If your plans for a career in dance include training in a college dance program, our list, “The Freshman Fifteen” offers valuable advice on what you can do to prepare right now.

Do I Have To Be In Shape To Start Taking Dance Class?

"KC Dance Day 2012" courtesy KCBalletMedia is licensed CC BY 2.0

Are you a teen or adult wanting to start dance classes? Find out if some physical preparation is needed before you enroll in your first dance lesson.

The 5 Basic Dance Jumps

5 types of dance jumps

Mathematically, the human body (with two feet) is capable of only 5 basic jumps. Stack that in your trivia …crack. Anyway… It’s true! You can do all the fancy-pants jumps you want but they each boil down to one of only five possible combinations: Two feet to two feet One foot to the same foot One foot to the other foot Two feet to one foot One foot to two feet Knowing this is helpful for more than just scoring well in trivia games. It helps {Read More}

The Bolshoi’s Alexander Volchkov on Dancing Romeo

Alexander Volchkov - photo by Shirokov

What is it like to play Romeo? Bolshoi Ballet principal, Alexander Volchkov tells us of the preparation and experience of giving an emotional performance as Romeo. Dance Advantage: What is the most challenging aspect of dancing the role of Romeo? Alexander Volchkov: The most difficult part of Romeo is the period of emotional preparation. To get yourself in that mindset. And of course in rehearsal as obviously, it is physically challenging. But the most challenging is to emotionally become Romeo.   DA: What {Read More}

Ode to the Pointe Shoe

Ode to the Pointe Shoe

How do I love you? Let me count the ways… Dancers adore pointe shoes and Corina Chan puts into words and verse exactly why we love them so.

Dance Class Etiquette Essentials

Dance Class Etiquette

Before you take your next dance class, look over this giant list of dance class rules of etiquette. We cover everything from basic common sense to things only experienced dancers would know.

Dance Auditions for Non-Dancers

Dance Auditions for Non-dancers

No dance experience? No problem. In the performing arts, dancing isn’t always just for the trained dancers. Here are some tips for inexperienced movers preparing for that dreaded dance audition or dancing-required production.