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How To Improvise Movement When You’ve Never Done It Before

Crash Course in Dance Improv

Dance improvisation is a requirement for some auditions. We’ve given tips on improv before but what if you have no tools or experience at all? Here’s our crash course to help you successfully get through your first improv session.

Recipes for Dancers: Watermelon Waltz

Grilled Watermelon by Chef and Dancer

Dancers, enjoy this refined and colorful summertime salad by’s Chef Matt Broussard.

Magical Kingdom of Dance Giveaway

Magical Kingdom of Dance Alphamat

A visual aid that keeps your class engaged and learning ballet terminology, stage directions, and body placement. Tonie Bense tells the story of her mother’s innovative teaching tools, the Magical Kingdom of Dance and the Alphamat.

5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Dance Teaching Rut

Your Students Won't Sparkle Unless You Do

Even teaching dance can get stale when you’ve been doing it for a while. Try these tips and tactics to renew your passion, bring sparkle back to your teaching, and still keep the structure of a good dance class. Your dance students will thank you!

Why Dance Teachers Should Forget About Personal Branding

You Are a Person, Not a Brand

Personal Branding sounds and often IS anything but personal, which is why I don’t like the term, especially for dance teachers. You want to “develop your personal brand?” Here’s how… and it’s probably not what you think.

Reverse Black Swan Syndrome

Joy Womack for Cloud & Victory

Ballet has a reputation for causing eating disorders. Cloud & Victory founder, Min, tells how ballet helped her recover from one. #whydancematters

Contemporary Dance Technique: The Spinal Roll-Down

Photo: Do the Pilates Roll Down

Though it’s a fundamental part of most contemporary dance warm-ups, the basic roll-down of the spine doesn’t get a ton of attention in the how-to department. We address the common mistakes dancers make and how to fix them.

Farewell, Dance Advantage


With a heavy heart but an eye on the future, Nichelle says goodbye to DA and its readers…. No, not really. April Fools! We’re actually celebrating year 6 of this blogging adventure with a question for you, dear readers!

7 Reasons You Are Lucky to Be a Dancer

7 Reasons You're Lucky to be a Dancer

Today’s your lucky day! Sharing a little pot of gold with you this St. Patrick’s Day – 7 awesome benefits of being a dancer. We’d be over the rainbow, if you would read, share, and comment.

The Royal Ballet’s Beauty, Sarah Lamb

Sarah Lamb with Steven McRae in the Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Johan Persson/ROH

The Royal Ballet’s Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae will dance Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré in The Sleeping Beauty, in movie theaters nationwide March 20. Sarah Lamb talks with us about versatility, past injury, and the challenges of Act I.

Starting a Special Needs Dance Program

Special needs dancers, the MVD Super Stars, in performance

Are you curious about starting dance classes for special needs dancers? MVD Super Stars organizer, Shanelle Gangstad, talks about what they teach the positives and the pains of growing a successful program.

More Classical Ballet on the Big Screen

See Swan Lake in U.S. cinemas Febraury 20, 2014

London’s premiere ballet company, The Royal Ballet, appears again in select U.S. movie theaters for one-night-only events. See Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty in your local cinema in February and March.