“Black or White” to Black and White: Dance History and the Music Video

“The only thing new in dance is you.” A friend shared that quote from an Ohio University professor years ago and it has stuck with me.  Every year I find myself chuckling to myself as I listen to kids claim movements as “their” choreography when really many are sampling from the limited palette of movement they’ve witnessed, usually music videos. The question inevitably becomes- How do I get them interested in expanding their bubble? In grad school, I had the {Read More}

OK Go and Pilobolus Assure Us ALL IS NOT LOST

OK Go, known for their innovative music videos, has teamed up with professional dance troupe, Pilobolus and Google, to debut an experiment that mixes old-school camera trickery with newfangled technology. Try out the interactive Chrome experiment. Watch the video on YouTube. Check out the live performance. And be inspired by the childlike wonder of this collaboration.

In Sleep a King — Farewell to Michael Jackson

There’s no questioning Michael Jackson’s influence on our current pop music and dance culture. His life was somewhat of a tragedy but his talent was a gift. So, in honor of this icon, I’m taking a moment to celebrate that gift.