Sunday Snapshot: Let it Snow

Anna-Mi Fredriksson in Queens Park; London, February 2, 2009; Photo by Ben Hopper

This photo of Anna-Mi Fredriksson (former English National Ballet and solo artist) was taken in Queens Park, London on February 2, 2009. London city was shut down due to the snow which, as you can see, blanketed everything. “Anna-Mi and I lived next to the park,” photographer, Ben Hopper explains, “so the whole thing was a ‘let’s go to the snowy park to take fun pictures’.”

Halloween Sunday Snapshot: Deathly and Dapper

A dapper skeleton-faced man leaps across a street in Munich

Since 2006 Patrick has been photographing weddings throughout Germany, events in and around the Munich area as well as environmental portraits for families, children, actors and more recently dancers.

Vertically Challenged: Improving Your Jumps


The secret to jumping is not so secret, it is the same hard work that goes into most everything in dance: proper alignment, solid technique, and practice, practice, practice! These thorough, step-by-step pointers, however, will help you as you practice vertical jumping and can even be applied to traveling jumps or leaps.