Terpsichorus: Discussing Entity — Wayne McGregor/Random Dance

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Welcome to our first Terpsichorus discussion!

If you haven’t yet watched the film, don’t panic! You can still download and watch the film at the locations below. Feel free to come back and add your thoughts, questions, or comments after you do. The discussion will remain open indefinitely (I may close comments eventually but not for a while!).

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Look out below

I’ve posted some flash responses offered during preliminary email discussion between Steve, Robin, and myself (Nichelle). These are just to stir some conversation. You can comment on any of our comments!

Also, you’ll find some viewing prompts. These are open questions that you can choose to answer or not. If you find you’re at a loss for words, these may be good starting points.

Note: I am roughly considering Part I, anything that occurs before the big set change, and of course, Part II anything after it.

An extended list of viewing prompts, should you want to watch with it in front of you, is available here.

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The Movement

IMAGE Wayne McGregor | Random Dance's Entity IMAGE“Aesthetically, I find the vocabulary beautiful in its awkwardness… Occasionally something resonated on a human/emotional level but mostly I watched with interest from visual moment to moment.” – Nichelle

“I’m finding the movements get repetitive, they are much the same tempo throughout without any particular highs or lows. There is a bit in the early men’s section where one guy sort of crab walks backwards, partially supported by another guy, that i thought was awesome.” – Robin

“I found the patterned, more structured moments to be more pleasing to watch, a theme that was sort of echoed in the geometric shapes cast on the floor.” – Steve

“I felt like there were three main “modes” he was operating within the choreography. Don’t know if it’s true for his other work too? One, is fast, forceful, and angular. Two is very sinewy and sleek. Three is what I’m dubbing “the pterodactyl” – hyperexteded spine, inward rotation, bird-like. The mood, music, lighting, set, etc. had a lot of variety and it was interesting how he used these “modes” throughout all of those changes.” – Nichelle

List 3 adjectives describing McGregor’s movement vocabulary (or body of movements).

How would you describe the shift in mood, movement, and emotion that occurs with the change in costume, lighting, and music in Part II?

The Music, Sets, Costumes, & Lighting

“I don’t enjoy the music!… I do think the dancers execute the movement brilliantly and they are all very beautiful but really, i am just not liking it.” – Robin

“I will say that MacGregor’s work is intense and he has a genius ability to visualize (and actualize!) incredibly innovative sets and choreography.” – Steve [Read more…]

Delight in Dance With Us!

IMAGE Reading a book at the beach IMAGEI delight in reading fiction. It’s my quiet retreat but, a couple of years ago I was stuck in a reading rut. My recent reads at the time were by J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer and to my dismay I realized it had been a while since I had tried a new author, in or outside the YA niche! What did I do to get out of my rut, try new things, and discover new writers?

I joined a book club.

Obviously, dance is something else that I delight in and I’ve been spending some time thinking about how I might bring some dance art discussion to DA’s other educational offerings. Reading dance books and biographies was definitely a first thought but past experiences, like chatting live during a Misnomer Dance Theatre performance in 2008, seeing the encouraging level of participation recently during PNB’s Internet broadcast of Giselle, and the increased availability of downloadable dance performance by “arts ambassadors for the future,” TenduTV, inspire me to consider video as well.

What I like about the email book club I joined is its accessibility. Within the group there are a wide range of ages (though admittedly lopsided in gender) and quite a range of literary interests. Some read and discuss more critically than others. Some clearly enjoy certain genres more than others. But somehow everyone feels free to join in and discover new things in the process.

IMAGE Delight in Dance - Terpsichorus IMAGEIn that spirit, I’d like to introduce to you, Terpsichorus.

Delight in Dance

In Greek mythology Terpsichore is the muse of lyrical poetry and dance but the word more literally means, “delighting in dancing”.  You might also know that a Greek chorus is a group of performers who comment on the action within a play.

Terpsichorus is a dance discussion project. It’s still a work in progress – one that I hope will continue to define itself – but I’m joining up with a couple of pals to work together with me as this little venture comes into its own.

One of those pals is someone you may already know, You Dance Funny writer and Top Dance blogger, Steve Ha. He definitely delights in discussion of dance performance. Another is long-time Dance Advantage friend and follower, Robin Mahboeb. She’s not a blogger but a dance teacher who we know delights in a good dance book.

One step at a time

The only way I know to begin is to just begin it!

Our first selection will be Entity by Wayne McGregor: Random Dance.

When we’ll open discussion.

Download/purchase and watch anytime… starting now. On February 24th [Read more…]