Sunday Snapshot: Sheer Perfection

Kimene Slattery-Ching is a Queensland based award winning dance photographer offering on site, on location, or in studio dance portfolios for dancers. She is a former dancer and maintains a keen interest in rehabilitative – expressive dance movement, Kimene has also turned to her camera to combine her two loves – dance and photography. This photo dramatically depicts a ballet dancer in blue and white chiffon, arching her back against the billowing fabric.

New Continents — From Royal Ballet School To Boston Ballet

“I once took six months off from ballet when I was 14. My school commitments were growing and it was becoming seriously difficult to juggle everything. It reaffirmed for me, however, that ballet was my one love and out of everything what I should have been doing.”

Who Wants To Rock The Vote In These Online Dance Contests?

The winner will score the ultimate prize of rehearsing with Kate Champion to bring his/her unique performance to life at the screening of Footloose on September 26. In addition to the thrill of performing live at Sydney Opera House, the winner will receive $2,000, a SONY HD flash Handycam camcorder, as well as a SONY ‘Bloggie’ HD snap camera.

From Page to Screen to Classroom

In 2004, Houston Dance Critic Molly Glentzer in her review of the book for Dance Magazine stated, “Li’s tenacity is an inspiring lesson to any reader, dancer or not. It’s the stuff of which great movies are made. Expect this one soon, and bring Kleenex. But read the book first.” A handful of years later, Li’s story is now a motion picture. It has already done well in Australia but unfortunately distribution in the U.S. is still speculative.