Recipes for Dancers: Watermelon Waltz

Here in the still-tropical city of Houston, summer plans to hang around for a while. For those of you in cooler regions who may not be graced with warm weather much longer, we have a delightful dancer-friendly recipe for you today. Created by Chef Matt, Watermelon Waltz is a refreshing and satisfying salad to end your summer.


Grilled Watermelon by Chef and DancerIngredients

Two watermelon coins cut with 2″ ring mold

Spring medley salad mix 1.5 OZ

Mushroom Duxelle ( later explained)

Slice of purple onion

Slice of bell pepper

Balsamic reduction

Salt to taste


Mushroom Duxelle Explained…


2 qts Finely Minced Mushrooms

1 qts red wine

16 OZ Goat Cheese Chevre

Salt to taste

Saute mushrooms until falling apart

Add wine and let reduce all the way

Transfer to mixing bowl and fold in goat cheese

Salt to taste and let cool

Store extra in the refrigerator (it’s great on toasted baguette)

How To

Start a wood fire grill and wait to ember, or use a skillet inside.

Butter your watermelon coins generously (I like using the spray)

Place on medium heated part of grill and let carmelize

Start building your salad with one watermelon coin , then your spring mix , and sandwich-ing it with the other watermelon coin

Top with onion, bell pepper, and a dollop of Mushroom Duxelle

Drizzle with Balsamic reduction

Chef Matt and Dancer KaitChef and Dancer

Chef Matt and Dancer Kait, a couple loving what they do. Texas born and raised and relocated to Seattle, Washington with our cat named Ladybird. Matt is an amazing Chef and Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu trained mainly in french cuisine. His days are spent cooking in the restaurant. Kait loves to dance ballet en pointe and has also trained in lyrical contemporary, jazz, tap and hip hop. Her days are spent working at a well known dancewear store while continuing to train and attend dance classes in the afternoon and evening. Matt and Kait sincerely love what they do and morphed their passions into

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