Ballet, boys…and penguins? Jennifer Longo’s “Up to This Pointe”

Merely wanting something desperately doesn’t make it so. So, a young ballerina remakes her life… in Antarctica.

Can A Woman In Her Forties Dance The Nutcracker?

“Raising The Barre” is Lauren Kessler’s account of the months she spent preparing to dance The Nutcracker with a professional dance company. An exceptional challenge for a forty-something, non-dancer! Read our review of the book.

Ballet Takes A Thrilling Leap In The Suspense Novel “Dark Turns”

Dancers and thriller fans will appreciate the twists in “Dark Turns,” a new novel by Cate Holahan, whose research on ballet went inside the dance studio.

“Rebel on Pointe”: an independent spirit in a traditional world

Lee Wilson’s memoir places the American dance scene in historical context. Through this book review and interview, we learn that in some ways, women may have less power in the ballet world than in the 1960’s, and that the world is a far larger place than most Americans imagine.

Does It Really Take “84 Ribbons” To Become a Ballet Soloist?

Despite its bygone setting of 1957, young adult readers as young as 11 will likely relate to the struggles and concerns of a teen dancer just beginning in a ballet company in this sweet debut from Paddy Eger.