Does It Really Take “84 Ribbons” To Become a Ballet Soloist?

Despite its bygone setting of 1957, young adult readers as young as 11 will likely relate to the struggles and concerns of a teen dancer just beginning in a ballet company in this sweet debut from Paddy Eger.

10 Signs You’re a Stagestruck Dancer

Suspect you’ve fallen in love with performing? Here are the signs you have. Never fear, the next show is right around the corner.

B Dancewear Offers A Rainbow Of Dancewear Options

B Dancewear offers nearly 40 types of dancewear basics in over 200 colors, in an array of fabrics. See what we have to say about the products they sent us.

4 Dancer Hacks for Performances or Summer Training

Find out why oral anesthetic and dental floss are must-haves as you pack your dance bag for performance week or a summer intensive. Their uses might surprise you!

Two Lives are “Off Balance” in Terez Mertes Rose’s New Book

Often in the YA category, many ballet novels revolve around youthful concerns. But nuanced storytelling makes “Off Balance,” by Terez Mertes Rose a great read for adults who love books and books about dance.

From Trailer Park to Tango: When Cherie Magnus Danced on the Edge

Book review and interview with author Cherie Magnus about her memoir which chronicles her life as a young woman trying to make it as a dancer during the 1960’s in Los Angeles.

“The Walls Around Us” Keeps Readers On Their Toes

It is a rare author who can write authentically about ballet and prison. Dancers will appreciate Nova Ren Suma’s realistic depiction of teen dancers in an otherwise hyperrealistic story of murder, secrets, and suspense. Who is lying and what is the truth?

Backstage With Baryshnikov and Makarova

In 1985, Cherie Magnus was a ballet “extra” on stage with stars like Natalia Makarova and brushing elbows in the wings with Mikhail Baryshnikov. Ballet lovers will adore this insider’s look at her experiences backstage during ABT’s Romeo and Juliet.

The Bolshoi’s Alexander Volchkov on Dancing Romeo

What is it like to play Romeo? Bolshoi Ballet principal, Alexander Volchkov tells us of the preparation and experience of giving an emotional performance as Romeo. Dance Advantage: What is the most challenging aspect of dancing the role of Romeo? Alexander Volchkov: The most difficult part of Romeo is the period of emotional preparation. To get yourself in that mindset. And of course in rehearsal as obviously, it is physically challenging. But the most challenging is to emotionally become Romeo.   DA: What {Read More}

Ode to the Pointe Shoe

How do I love you? Let me count the ways… Dancers adore pointe shoes and Corina Chan puts into words and verse exactly why we love them so.

“dancergirl” Giveaway and Book Troupe Chat

YA novels about young dance hopefuls are pretty easy to come by. Thrillers about young dance hopefuls… not so much. That’s what makes dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman a unique find for dancers who love to read, or readers who like to dance, or just readers! What’s it about? Check out this teaser… “Ever feel like someone’s watching you? Me, too. But lately it’s been happening in my room. When I’m alone. A friend posted a video of me dancing {Read More}