15 Tap-Happy Treatise By Tristan

Since signing on as a regular contributor in the Spring of 2011, Tristan Bruns has added quite a collection of thorough and informative posts to Dance Advantage. Even when he’s not penning articles, he’s answering your tap questions with the same attention to detail.

Tristan has earned a little break!

While he focuses on some pet projects of his own, I thought I’d celebrate his work and give you the chance to catch up on or revisit these essential articles over the holidays.

Tap Dance Shoes by ChicaDance

Buying Shoes

With his Great Shoeganza series (still a work in progress), Tristan makes sure you are an informed buyer. You won’t find anything like his dissection of the tap shoe anywhere else online.

Deconstructing A Tap Shoe

When To Buy New Tap Shoes

Capezio And Their Tap Shoes

The Capezio K360 (Brazillian) REVIEW

Step Into History

More than a dance form, Tap is a culture and a legacy. Its long list of movement innovators is simply not covered enough in literature, online, or in classrooms, making these essays all the more valuable to tap students and teachers.

Frank Condos and 5-Count Wings

Paddle and Roll Heroes, Lon Chaney & Bunny Briggs

In-The-Trenches and Over-The-Tops

Jimmy Slyde and His Signature Sliding

Tap Is Music (and I can prove it)

Tap is multifaceted and unique. I’ve described it as a culture above, it’s also a dance form, a movement practice, and mode of entertainment. In this two-part series, Tristan explains not only the relationship Tap has with music, but also why Tap IS music.



Teaching Tap

From one tap teacher to another, Tristan shares his ideas for passing skills on to the next generation of dancers.

The Ballet Concept That Tap Teachers Should Steal

The Time Step: Tool For Improvisation

Customizing Tap Shoes

This series is particularly popular among die-hard Tappers. If you thought bunheads were particular about their shoes, just check out this trio of posts!

Health and Comfort

Fashion and Functionality

The Taps

What Tap-related topics do you want to see on Dance Advantage in 2013?
Tell us in the comments below!

Keep Tap Dancing!

While I’m making tappers happy, I want to let you know about an exclusive holiday offer our friends over at Dance Dot are offering to DA readers. Other than the benefits of spreading a bit of good will and holiday cheer, I don’t receive compensation or commission for sharing this one.

Dance Dot is a portable tap dance board. There are two versions, one perfect for kids and the ddpro for industry professionals and pros in the making.

The truth is, I’ve helped Jackie and Codey, the makers of the Dance Dot, get the word out before and I like that their unique product helps tap dancers practice on the go or at home while saving the kitchen floors of mothers everywhere!

So here’s the deal:

1. Go to the My Dance Dot facebook store: www.facebook.com/dancedot

2. ‘Like’ them!

3. Click the “buy now” button

4. Enter code DA2012 for a 15% discount on your entire order!

If your Dance Dot is a gift, HURRY! Holiday orders must be in by December 12th (that’s tomorrow!) for Christmas delivery.


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