How To Reuse Your Old Dance Tights (and Other Upcycling Ideas)

IMAGE Upcycle - a man balances a unicycle on his chin. IMAGE


I love the idea of recycling and repurposing items, not just because it’s Earth Day, but because giving new life to things that are otherwise just thrown away is fun and appeals to my slightly thrifty nature. But I’m not crafty. I don’t sew more than an errant button and tend to shy away from any craft project that has more than 5 steps. Too “fussy”.

But I’ll bet you’re crafty. And some projects are just too cute to pass up! So below you’ll find some fabulous ways to upcycle old tights, reuse dead pointe shoes, and repurpose t-shirts, sweaters, and even CDs.

Trash to treasure ideas for your old dance tights:

IMAGE Ruffle Trim Tank from old tights IMAGE [Read more…]