Tap Shoe Review: The Capezio K360 (Brazilian)

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For my reviews, I personally wear, practice, and perform in the shoes.  The demands that the shoes are subjected to are rigorous and must be considered when compared to the skill level for which the shoe is intended. ~ Tristan 

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Capezio’s K360 (Brazilian)

IMAGE A cluster of K360s IMAGE

I chose to review the Brazilian-made K360 on the grounds that it is the shoe that the majority of professional and pre-professional dancers will buy.  Costing roughly $200 and up, these are the shoes you are more likely to find on store shelves and on the internet.

The Capezio website directs buyers to Amazon.com to purchase their “Kays”, and the only make available on the site is the Brazilian-made K360.  An American-made pair is only available through select retailers, like Dancing Fair, and if you are lucky enough to find one in a retail store, be prepared to dish out up to $400 for a pair (taps not included).

IMAGE American Flag IMAGEVS    IMAGE Brazilian Flag IMAGE

There is a heated debate among tap dancers concerning the Capezio K360 and where it is made.  A dancer spends a good deal of time and money getting what is considered the Cadillac of tap shoes only to hear, “Oh, those are the Bazilians?  I like the Americans much better.”  Good luck getting them to tell you WHY they don’t like the shoe.  I think and I heard are more than likely to accompany their lambasting lamentations.

I sat down with my tap shoe consultant, Matthew A. Shroepfer, to get the rundown on the actual differences between the Brazilian and American made Capezio K360.

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