Even Better Than The Real Thing?

Probably not.

But hopefully it’ll get close with the world’s first ballet production shot and presented in 3-D!

Pre-recorded at the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia and shown using RealD™ 3D technology Giselle in 3D, presented by NCM Fathom and More2Screen, aims to capture the beauty and movement of a world-class performance by the Mariinsky Ballet (you may know them as the Kirov Ballet) in a new and multi-dimensional way. The ballet stars Natalia Osipova as Giselle with Leonid Sarafanov as Albecht.

This is a ONE-DAY-ONLY U.S. showing! Giselle in 3D will be presented in more than 160 theatres across the country on Tuesday, July 12 at Noon and 7:30 p.m (local times)

Is the show coming to a theatre near you? FIND OUT HERE.
Then WIN tickets to see it! Details below.

So you know the story of Giselle, right?

Simple village girl with a weak but pure heart falls head over heels for the flirtatious bachelor who’s really a prince in disguise and totally unavailable since he’s supposed to marry someone back home. A visit from the future in-laws starts out as a fun party until the guy-next-door, who happens to be in love with Giselle, does a little snooping and finds out the hunk is really Prince Albrecht. At the news, our girl Giselle goes bonkers and dies, we can assume of a broken heart. Then, some vengeful lady-spirits (jilted, left-at-the-altar types) swarm the stage and call up Giselle to join the haunting party. But Albrecht is super sorry and she forgives him, they dance and she disappears into the forest. Unsatisfied, the she-ghosts return to show Albrecht what’s what but Giselle stands by her man, the spirits depart, and Giselle gets to go peacefully to the grave as benevolent as ever.

You’ll notice the U.S. release of Giselle in 3D coincides with the Mariinsky Ballet’s residency at the Metropolitan Opera House during the Lincoln Center Festival. The company performs three programs multiple times beginning on July 11.

How do you win tickets?

This giveaway is now closed and winners confirmed.

Well, like I said, make sure it’s coming to a theatre near you. I was surprised to find it playing at several in the Houston area (and not just the big IMAX), so DO check the listings.

Then, leave a comment! (U.S. residents, 18 and up only, please)

On JULY 5TH at NOON (EST) I’ll randomly choose 2 commenters to win a pair of tickets to the theatre of their choice.

If you’re a lucky winner, I’ll contact you via email. Get back to me quickly so that NCM Fathom representatives can get your tickets out to you by July 12!

Again, the showing is July 12th ONLY! If you can’t go, save your comments. We welcome your thoughts and any reviews of the film after the contest ends on July 5th.

I hope you win!

GISELLE 3D from the Mariinsky Theatre

Watch this video on YouTube.

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  1. Why didn’t I think of this? What an awesome way to allow my students to see another ballet! It is very difficult for us to get to a “real” ballet because some of my students have very little disposable income. I am sharing this with all of them today! Thanks for letting me know about this. I hope many others will follow.

  2. The Maryinsky Ballet–the real thing!

  3. This looks amazing! 🙂

  4. Annette says:

    Thanks Nichelle for posting this information. I tried to find a site to let me know what theaters Giselle would be playing in my area, and couldn’t find the right site. Then several days later I get your newsletter and there is the link to the site!!!

    Thank you very much for putting out this newsletter!! I love the information!!

  5. Cristina R. says:

    I’ve never actually seen the full ballet so I can’t wait to see it in theaters in 3D!

    And also, thanks for this wonderful contest!

  6. D_Colucciello says:

    I am very excited about Giselle in 3D. Thank you, Nichelle, for posting the contest. I am counting the days. I can never go to the Ballet because it is too expensive, so this film will certainly make my year! I love the Ballet…

  7. I am a big Cecchetti dancer and Enrico Cecchetti performed and choreographed at the Maryinski in all the books I’ve read about him,
    I’ve already invited all my employees to meet me on July 12th for the showing! Can’t wait

  8. My girls and I would love to see this. We’ve ever seen Giselle and to see it in 3D would be so cool. thanks for the info – I might have not known it was coming if you hadn’t posted it!

  9. Happy 4th! I’ve never seen Giselle. It’s almost wrong 🙁 This would be incredibly exciting. I love how dance and technology continue to intersect.

  10. Our dance studio is hopeing to organize a summer field trip around this event.
    First Ballet in Cinema and now this!

  11. robin mahboeb says:

    okay, i’d be willing to cross the bridge for this 🙂 i ♥ giselle!

  12. Dorothy P says:

    I am so excited to see this is playing near me. My daughter will love it. Thanks

  13. Can’t wait to take my daughter to see it. She is so into ballet. She has not seen this one!!

  14. My sister loves ballet so I am going to take her to see it. She will be so happy!!!

  15. My girl friend is a dancer and I am going to take her to see this ballet.

  16. My mom is a dance teacher and I am going to take her to see this ballet before I go off to collage.

  17. Donna Burgess says:

    My little ballerina and I are excited about the prospect of seeing the first 3D ballet.

  18. Carla McKay says:

    I don’t think anything could compare to the real thing but any opportunity to see a full length classical ballet should be taken advantage of. My daughter’s pre-professional ballet company staged a condensed version of Gisells last year and we would love to see a professional version and compare the choreography.

  19. Wow, how awesome!

  20. I have heard of simulcasts of the opera before, how great that they are having one for the ballet now as well. thanks for sharing these details! I will try to go whether I win or not!

  21. Christine says:

    I can’t wait to take my girls to this!

  22. Andrea L says:

    I’ve secured childcare for my little ones and cannot wait to go!

  23. Michael says:

    I am going to take my daughter to see this. She is a dancer and dances 6 days a week. Dance is her life. can’t wait to see her face.

  24. Can’t wait!!! It will be fun to see it.

  25. WOW! I’m so excited to 1) learn about this so I can go and 2) have a chance to win tickets! Thanks so much for this great offering!

  26. Heather Koster says:

    How exciting! My daughters live and breathe dance, and have studied the ballet stories, but rarely had a chance to view them, in person or otherwise–what a way to add to their learning with an amazing new experience.

  27. Katherine says:

    I am going to see this in 3D… winning tickets to see it would be nice too!

  28. Audrey Leung says:

    3D technology in action films is quite impressive. I cannot wait to see what it can do for a live performance. Giselle seems an ideal ballet for this technology. Especially the dramatic nature of this great ballet.