Why write for Dance Advantage?

  • To share your ideas, experiences, knowledge and know they’ll be read by the dance community,
  • To receive quality links to your studio website from a well-ranked dance site,
  • To promote a non-profit project you’re working on with shareable content,
  • To build recognition in the field of dance or dance writing.
  • More…

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Dance Advantage accepts quality articles on relevant topics.

If you are a member of the dance community and want to add your unique voice to this corner of the community, I would love to include your words and experiences.

How to Submit A Guest Post to Dance Advantage

Articles may be submitted in rich text or in a Word document (doc or docx). Use the following form to submit your article.

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Please send a complete guest post for consideration.

Occasionally, I will accept topic ideas. However, please be prepared to pitch two or three article summaries that bring a new subject or new perspective to this site.

If you do not hear from me within 14 days, your guest post has not been accepted and you are free to publish elsewhere. While I would like to respond to every inquiry, it’s just become impossible. A non-response does not always mean you won’t hear from me in the future about other writing possibilities. Also, I invite you to try other articles.

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The Benefits of Writing for Dance Advantage

DanceAdvantage.net is a recognized and highly regarded dance blog.

We have a wide audience but we are not a “news” site, instead providing useful information, tips, and strategies for those involved with educating and training dancers. Regular readers and visitors like to bookmark, refer to, and actually use our articles.

Our audience has high expectations and, as editor, my goal is to surpass those expectations.

Effective exposure happens with guest editorial contribution.

When you write for us, it is an opportunity to connect or develop a rapport with dancers, teachers, or parents and display your authority on a subject. It’s work! But writing for an already known, and trusted site is a great kickstart.

Guest posts are educational, or provide a story or advice useful to my readers.

Guest posts are not a opportunity to directly promote yourself. Promotion is secondary to the usefulness of the editorial but it’s totally free and we accept guest posts at any time. If you are interested in more direct promotion or native advertising, we offer affordable solutions.

Bios and links are included for the author, providing quality backlinks (which increase your site’s ‘authority’ according to Google) and lets readers know a little about you. The wonderful thing about a guest post is that it’s on the site indefinitely. The more useful and shareable the post, the longer it sticks around in searches and elsewhere.