Are You Ready For Your First Year In A College Dance Program?

Changes and new expectations await every freshman dance major.

As a dancer heading off to college, are you prepared for the many ways your dance and educational experiences, and indeed your lifestyle will be different when you begin your first year as a dance major (or minor)?Freshman BuyNow

There are some pretty drastic changes ahead, especially if you’re leaving home to attend school.

We want to give you an idea what to expect – both in and outside the classroom or studio, and give you the insight and tips you’ll need as you become fully responsible for your own well-being for the first time.

Our e-book, Transitioning To College: What Freshman Dance Majors Need To Know is a college preparation guide for first-year students written specifically for dancers. It provides a snapshot of college life, essential information on what to expect in a dance program of study, and scores of tips and tricks for staying healthy and happy.

The E-book Helps You:

A girl studies for college exams

We even share a proven study strategy that doesn’t involve studying!

Own Your Education
What college freshman can expect to encounter freshman year in terms of dance technique and training, as well as overall scholastics.

Study Smarter, Not Harder
Specific tips for staying on top of classwork, balancing social time with school, and creating good study habits in this new environment.

Stay Healthy
Solid strategies for healthy eating and grocery shopping on a budget, getting quality sleep and watching out for injuries.

Manage Stress
Helpful information to help new students cope with roommate issues, homesickness, and other stressors.


People who may want to give this e-book as a graduation or going away gift for college students include:

  • Parents
  • Relatives
  • Dance Studio Owners
  • Dance Teachers
  • Older Brothers/Sisters
  • School Teachers
  • Friends

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Don’t Let Failure Be An Option

This book contains advice written and compiled by two college graduates. We’ve made the transition from dance studio to dance department. We’ve taught college students and witnessed the pitfalls of those first semesters of transition.

We want every freshman who reads this to finish the year with flying colors.


Free Bonus - Burst Badge Red

Know what it takes to write a great paper.

Both authors are also professional writers and dance critics.

You may not know it yet, but as a dancer in college you will be asked to write about or critique professional performances. This type of essay is a staple at the university level and you will be writing them over and over throughout your academic career.

As our gift to you, we’re including with your e-book a thorough guide to writing a performance reaction paper or critique.

It will save the headache of figuring out this assignment all alone.


Don’t Wait!

Get Transitioning to College: What Freshman Dance Majors Need To Know before the start of a new first semester.

PLUS the free guide: Write A Killer Performance Critique For Your College Dance Class

What Freshman Dance Majors Need To Know

Introductory price of only $5.99

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DanceAdvantage_logoCurrently adjunct faculty for Lone Star College, Nichelle holds a BA in dance from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania and is a dance instructor with more than 20 years experience. She has taught in dance studios, community programs, at Penn State University—Altoona and has performed with  Pennsylvania Dance Theatre, Suchu Dance, and Frame Dance Productions. She has also served as Marketing Committee Chair for the National Dance Week Foundation.

Nichelle lives in Houston, Texas where she balances daily life as a mom to two young children and is a freelance dance writer for online and print publications such as Arts+Culture Texas, Dance Source Houston, CultureMap, and


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Her dance writing has appeared in magazines such as Dance Teacher and Dance Spirit as well as many other arts-related publications, and she is the owner of the LinkedIn group, Dance Writers. She has presented on both dance and writing at numerous events across the country, including the Classical Singer Convention and Dance USA.

Catherine holds a BA in Exercise Science & Fitness Management.

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