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Alexandra Cownie of International Dance Centre teaches ballet (and other) dancers to become professionals the smart and healthy way.

A candid photo of Alexandra in a red tutu.She founded International Dance Centre in February 2012, after recovering from a career-ending knee injury by just working on her mindset. Alexandra decided to dedicate her time to sharing her professional experiences and research on mindset strategies to make the life of teenage dancers in training easier on all levels: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and even Spiritually.

“My belief is that dancers learn better and improve faster with smarter trainings, better health care, less unhealthy competition and genuine fun in dance class,” says Alexandra.

She shares her teachings and experiences in her book How To Be A Ballet Dancer, the master classes she teaches all around the world (Alexandra is currently touring Australia and New Zealand), as well as one-on-one Skype performance coaching with dancers in competitions in regard to stress, confidence, jealousy and performance results.

The Giveaway

Alexandra is giving away How To Be A Ballet Dancer AND 100 Healthy Snacks to THREE readers.

Cover of How To Be A Ballet DancerHow To Be A Ballet Dancer is a new digital dance book that includes the insights of 23 international dance experts, as well as Alexandra’s personal experiences. This book does not teach how to have the perfect arabesque, but how to live as a dancer in the most fulfilled, happy way, while still dancing at the highest level.

Cover of 100 Healthy Snacks by Alexandra Cownie100 Healthy Snacks is an e-cookbook that helps dancers follow the eating plan explained in the book How To Be A Ballet Dancer. All the recipes are approved by performance nutritionist, Sally Boyer (wife of Australia’s strongest man). Each recipe is inexpensive with three ingredients only. Created with the question “Can a 10 year old cook this?” in mind, they are fast to prepare and all delicious, as inspired by French cooking.

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  1. Mariela Araujo says:

    I would ask about her diet. What does she eat to gain energy, so she can dance so many hours?

  2. I was a professional dancer 12 years ago, but today’s dancers have so many more demands on them. They have to be fluent in classical and contemporary. I would ask today’s professional ballet dancers how important they think competitions like YAGP and others are.

  3. I would like to know what he/she eats before and after a long performance to keep up energy and health!

  4. My son was a professional dancer in New York. I have seen both sides of being the professional dancer the long hours of rehearsals, classes, not eating correctly, living in less then ideal situations, working odd jobs to pay for classes, rent, food and therapy all worth it to do what you have passion for. It is not a business for the faint at heart. What do you tell young aspiring dancers about the realities of the profession so that they go into it with knowledge and preperation for the demands of the profession? Also do you suggest college or going straight to the big city to pursue your career?

  5. Having such a career that I see as a Young Career, how long would this profession last before injuries get the better of you or just age?

  6. What would your advice be to adult beginners?

  7. What surprised you the most (good or bad) in your career?

  8. I would like to know what he/she does during the off-season to rest and at the same time keep in shape.

  9. How do you stay feeling fit and healthy while on tour?

  10. Did you ultimately find your college dance courses, or studio courses more helpful in developing your style as an artist.

  11. What did you childhood dance teachers do to help inspire you to be a professional dancer?

  12. What path did you take to get to where you are now?

  13. What path did you take – particularly through your childhood and teen years – to get to where you are now as a professional dancer?

  14. What do you like to snack on?

  15. I would ask what part of their training best prepared them for a career as a professional dancer — was it all those ballet classes, a particular teacher/mentor, performing experience, etc.

  16. There are so many types of dance and performance… How do you define the term “professional”?

  17. What would you recommend for an aspiring choreographer? Is being part of a company as a dancer mandatory?

  18. sarah kaye-hinderhofer says:

    What is the best thing you ever did for your career & what is the worst thing you ever did for your career?

  19. How do you take care of your muscles and joints and prevent overuse problems.

  20. Do you ever wish you had chosen another profession, and what would it be?

  21. Who was your inspiration for following this career path?

  22. I will ask her/him what do they think of before a performance; whether to empty their mind from thoughts or if there is something in particular they like to ponder on to get their modjo running on stage. Besides that, I would also like to get various muscle strengthening tips from her/him

  23. My daughter is 12 and her dance studio recently acquired two excellent ballet teachers and they are giving my daughter excellent training. If my daughter really wants to have a chance at a ballet career should she start attending an official ballet studio?

  24. What advice would you give to students who are inspiring to be professional dancers one day?

  25. What advise would you give to students who are inspiring to be professional dancers one day?