Stretch Hands-Free, Improve Flexibility And Turnout

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Hands-free streching for dancers

Balletband is a heavy-duty, latex resistive stretching band specifically designed for dancers offering a hands-free alternative to traditional stretching techniques.

Professional ballet dancer, Todd Fox created Balletband in 1998 when he witnessed a fellow professional dancer stretching in a similar fashion using a plain bicycle inner tube. The product initially sold under the name ‘Stretcherz’ but was officially changed to ‘Balletband’ in 2005. Made of natural rubber and latex compounds, no resistance/exercise band on the market is more durable or offers a more convenient form of resistive stretching specifically designed for dancers. These heavy duty bands allow dancers the ability to stretch hands-free, in fundamental balletic positions.

Dancers love this product and Todd says he’s currently researching the development of a latex-free Balletband. Multicolored bands are also on the horizon!

The Giveaway

Todd would like to give away ONE Balletband to THREE Dance Advantage readers.

Dancers demonstrate some Balletband exercises surrounded by holiday lights

Instructions for use are sent with each product. Looping Balletband (retail $14.95) around one foot and the opposite shoulder, dancers can stretch and strengthen their extension in arabesque, à la seconde, or croisé. The band’s resistance also effectively works the legs and turnout in a seated straddle position

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  1. I like to stretch at night while watching TV or movies with the husband…. He thinks its weird, but it works for me! 🙂

  2. Tara Klamm says:

    I love to stretch in the morning! It’s hard to do on a regular basis with 2 little ones, but I feel better throughout the day when I do. I love using resistance bands, and I’d love to try this one out!

  3. Favorite time is after class when I’m fully warmed up. Staying motivated is a definite challenge, though. I never learned how to stretch, really, so I tend to need things like yoga classes/DVDs to keep me focused.

  4. My favorite time to stretch is in the afternoon- after I’ve been up for a while and the muscles are somewhat warm. My students motivate me to keep up with regular stretching.

  5. I find that after sitting at my desk for most of the day, I really need to stretch mid-afternoon. When I don’t take the time to do it, my back, hips, and shoulders pay the price later.

  6. I love to stretch before class starts so I’m nice and warm and can dance to the best Of my ability.

  7. I’ve found that a morning movement practice is best for me. I feel grounded in my body and ready to face the challenges of the day.

  8. I have to be warm to stretch so I prefer to do it after I’ve taken a class, or at least a barre. When I teach stretch class, I start very slowly with my students, beginning with their spine, shoulders and neck.

  9. At night, definitely. Stretching is so calming. It helps me relax and forget the stress of the day.

  10. Right after class since the muscles are warmest then. I always end class with my students with stretching since motivation is difficult to come by.

  11. Live to stretch before class so can do my best in class. I really enjoy dance so that keeps me motivated.

  12. Christine Akins says:

    My daughter likes to stretch every morning , it helps get her moving and of course before every dance class 🙂

  13. Sarah Watts says:

    I like to stretch in the evenings while watching tv. Calms me down and I tend to take more time and be more gradual with it.

  14. I like to stretch every night after my class!

  15. I like to stretch after class when I’m warmed up.

  16. sarah kaye-hinderhofer says:

    I used to love showing up 30 minutes before a dance, yoga, or plates class and doing my own system of stretching but now I’m getting older and smarter so I stretch AFTER class when my body is warmer :- )

  17. I like to stretch after I am really warm. Being a dance teacher and having performed professionally (and my mature age), I really like to get warm before I stretch. This band would be a fun motivator for my students because the younger bodies want to just dance without properly warming up. Hope to get one of these.

  18. It’s best to stretch at the end of class. I include a stretch then for my students, otherwise I know that they will just head out the door.

  19. I love to stretch before bed. It’s a challenge for me to stay motivated and not just go to sleep but I’d love to be able to do the splits again.

  20. Stretching early in the morning when I first get up is the best time, and I keep reminding myself that if I don’t, I could look like so many that do not do anything!

  21. I love stretching at night. It is a great way for me to relax before bed 🙂

  22. I stretch twice a day: early in the morning, and again after dinner. I’ve found that the second session is vital to make gains. The increases in flexibility I see on almost a weekly basis are enough to keep me motivated!

  23. I like to stretch before barre to warm up and again after all of the jumps and turns to help relax the muscles.

  24. I love to stretch any time, any day. In fact, I find stretching really helps when I am stress out from work, or whenever I need to warm-up and let loose those jitterbugs before I go on stage (for both dance and theater). At times, I even have the urge to use the metal bar at the bus stop to stretch out my limbs while waiting for a bus. It is addictive! Seriously.

  25. I like to stretch after class or at night. I find that my student motivate me to stretch daily!