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Congrats to the Top Dance Blogs of 2011!

It takes a certain amount of bravery to step up and be counted. Our winners for this year’s 2011 Top Dance Blog contest, and our Editor’s Choice are revealed. Plus, weigh in on the contest, make suggestions, and help us make 2012 even better!

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Who Inspires You?

I’ve been given a blog award but I’m announcing it with a twist and a shout out. Meet my nominator, Jean who blogs 52 Weeks of Ballet, and Melissa, the young blogger behind the award. They got to ask me questions too in this post that covers everything from first dance solos to returning to ballet as an adult.

Two Teenaged Students Blogging About Ballet

“I realized that there were many girls that were my age that had just recently started ballet, and had to take class with a whole room full of girls who could do over-splits, triple pirouettes, and could lift their legs to their ears. I began looking at ballet blogs, and reading ballet books, but I could never find exactly what I was looking for. I felt like I needed 10 years of ballet training within a couple of weeks. Things like class etiquette, recital how-tos, and special stretches to boost my extension. I could only imagine that there were more girls like me looking for the same things.”