Giving Thanks Giveaway 2012

Books, teaching videos, apparel, music, and more are being given away in our seasonal giveaway event!. Get the details here.

$99 To Spend On Positive Dance Products by Rhee Gold Company

Enter to win one of three $99 gift certificates for the store, a division of the Rhee Gold Company. Winners can choose from an array of products like t-shirts, subscriptions to Dance Studio Life Magazine, handbooks, DVD’s and more. Giveaway ends Feb 22, 2012.

Teaching Tools For Dancers: Ballet Bundle

Enter to win one of three Ballet Bundles from Dance Teacher Press. Each bundle includes The Ballet Combination Book, Ballet Step by Step, and the new Word of the Week flipchart system. Giveaway ends Feb 18, 2012.

We Put Lauren’s Nose To The Grindstone [Giveaway]

GIVEAWAY! How much do you really know about columnist Lauren Warnecke? In this interview she reveals her artistic side, shares some Kickstarter advice, and gives away her pin-up calendar to 4 lucky winners.

Win Prizes: The Giving Thanks Giveaway Is Here

Wearables, practice gear, music, memberships, choreography resources, and more. Show up. Comment. Win prizes. Could it be any easier?