Stretch Hands-Free, Improve Flexibility And Turnout

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Hands-free streching for dancers

Balletband is a heavy-duty, latex resistive stretching band specifically designed for dancers offering a hands-free alternative to traditional stretching techniques.

Professional ballet dancer, Todd Fox created Balletband in 1998 when he witnessed a fellow professional dancer stretching in a similar fashion using a plain bicycle inner tube. The product initially sold under the name ‘Stretcherz’ but was officially changed to ‘Balletband’ in 2005. Made of natural rubber and latex compounds, no resistance/exercise band on the market is more durable or offers a more convenient form of resistive stretching specifically designed for dancers. These heavy duty bands allow dancers the ability to stretch hands-free, in fundamental balletic positions.

Dancers love this product and Todd says he’s currently researching the development of a latex-free Balletband. Multicolored bands are also on the horizon!

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Digital Dance Books For Smart And Healthy Dancing

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Become a Dancer the Smart and Healthy Way

Alexandra Cownie of International Dance Centre teaches ballet (and other) dancers to become professionals the smart and healthy way.

A candid photo of Alexandra in a red tutu.She founded International Dance Centre in February 2012, after recovering from a career-ending knee injury by just working on her mindset. Alexandra decided to dedicate her time to sharing her professional experiences and research on mindset strategies to make the life of teenage dancers in training easier on all levels: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and even Spiritually.

“My belief is that dancers learn better and improve faster with smarter trainings, better health care, less unhealthy competition and genuine fun in dance class,” says Alexandra.

She shares her teachings and experiences in her book How To Be A Ballet Dancer, the master classes she teaches all around the world (Alexandra is currently touring Australia and New Zealand), as well as one-on-one Skype performance coaching with dancers in competitions in regard to stress, confidence, jealousy and performance results.

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A “Dance Class” Comic Book Series For Tween Dancers

Papercutz graphic novels

Dedicated to publishing great graphic novels for all ages.

Papercutz publishes hilarious, adventurous, monster-smashing, bronco-busting graphic novels for kids of all ages!

In the yesteryear of 2005, literary graphic novel publisher Terry Nantier had an idea for a children’s graphic novel publisher simply because there weren’t any at the time. Although it’s a surprise to some, comics have evolved over the last 20 years to become almost entirely for adults, and Terry realized that kids today were missing out on the fun of reading comics that most of us got to enjoy when we were growing up.

He asked Jim Salicrup, who helped create the first early-reader comics for Marvel in the early 1980s, to team up with him, and Papercutz was born. They published only two series at first, both mysteries: Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

They’ve since added dozens of new books and more come every publishing season. Jim still edits the entire line, but it has grown a lot in the past seven years. Now they have books about fairies, mermaids, ballerinas, Smurfs, time-traveling mice, ninjas, superheroes, and donkeys struggling with their homework!

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The Cutest T-Shirt In The Land Of Sweets Or Snow

TendusUnderAPalmTree.comTendus Under A Palm Tree gives its blog readers access to the everyday life of a professional ballet dancer living and working in one of the most glamorous and trendy places in the world, Miami Beach.

That ballet dancer is Miami City Ballet corps member, Rebecca King.

Rebecca’s site has been named a Top Dance Blog in our contest here at Dance Advantage and is popular with people who know ballet and those who don’t. She shares her experiences, interviews other professionals in the field, pens essays on Balanchine and topics important to the art form, and waxes on ballet in mainstream media. She does it all to educate and excite the public about what she does for a living.

In addition to starting her own social media company, Rebecca has recently launched a line of T-shirts. It all began with her “Keep Calm and Tendu On” catchphrase. Now she’s gone a bit Nutty with a new “Keep Calm” tee that’s just right for the holiday season.

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$99 To Spend On Positive Dance Products by Rhee Gold Company

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Spread the passion for the art of dance

Positive Dance is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, publishers of Dance Studio Life Magazine, and producers of

Rhee Gold’s vision is to bring the positive aspects of dance to the forefront with videos, articles, quotes, products and more.

“Some people think that great dance is defined by the number of pirouettes or tricks that a dancer can do, and others believe that ballet is all there is, and then there is a new generation of dancers who are passionate about hip-hop. I believe that the gift of dance comes wrapped in various packages, because I see the beauty in them all.” – Rhee Gold

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Winners can choose from an array of products like t-shirts, subscriptions to Dance Studio Life Magazine, handbooks, DVD’s and more.

The Positive Dance giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, ages 18 and up and closes at Midnight EST on Wednesday, February 22.

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