Stretch Hands-Free, Improve Flexibility And Turnout

IMAGE Balletband: Hands-free streching for dancers IMAGE

Hands-free streching for dancers

Balletband is a heavy-duty, latex resistive stretching band specifically designed for dancers offering a hands-free alternative to traditional stretching techniques.

Professional ballet dancer, Todd Fox created Balletband in 1998 when he witnessed a fellow professional dancer stretching in a similar fashion using a plain bicycle inner tube. The product initially sold under the name ‘Stretcherz’ but was officially changed to ‘Balletband’ in 2005. Made of natural rubber and latex compounds, no resistance/exercise band on the market is more durable or offers a more convenient form of resistive stretching specifically designed for dancers. These heavy duty bands allow dancers the ability to stretch hands-free, in fundamental balletic positions.

Dancers love this product and Todd says he’s currently researching the development of a latex-free Balletband. Multicolored bands are also on the horizon!

The Giveaway

Todd would like to give away ONE Balletband to THREE Dance Advantage readers. [Read more…]

Digital Dance Books For Smart And Healthy Dancing

International Dance Centre logo

Become a Dancer the Smart and Healthy Way

Alexandra Cownie of International Dance Centre teaches ballet (and other) dancers to become professionals the smart and healthy way.

A candid photo of Alexandra in a red tutu.She founded International Dance Centre in February 2012, after recovering from a career-ending knee injury by just working on her mindset. Alexandra decided to dedicate her time to sharing her professional experiences and research on mindset strategies to make the life of teenage dancers in training easier on all levels: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and even Spiritually.

“My belief is that dancers learn better and improve faster with smarter trainings, better health care, less unhealthy competition and genuine fun in dance class,” says Alexandra.

She shares her teachings and experiences in her book How To Be A Ballet Dancer, the master classes she teaches all around the world (Alexandra is currently touring Australia and New Zealand), as well as one-on-one Skype performance coaching with dancers in competitions in regard to stress, confidence, jealousy and performance results.

The Giveaway

Alexandra is giving away How To Be A Ballet Dancer AND 100 Healthy Snacks to THREE readers. [Read more…]

A “Dance Class” Comic Book Series For Tween Dancers

Papercutz graphic novels

Dedicated to publishing great graphic novels for all ages.

Papercutz publishes hilarious, adventurous, monster-smashing, bronco-busting graphic novels for kids of all ages!

In the yesteryear of 2005, literary graphic novel publisher Terry Nantier had an idea for a children’s graphic novel publisher simply because there weren’t any at the time. Although it’s a surprise to some, comics have evolved over the last 20 years to become almost entirely for adults, and Terry realized that kids today were missing out on the fun of reading comics that most of us got to enjoy when we were growing up.

He asked Jim Salicrup, who helped create the first early-reader comics for Marvel in the early 1980s, to team up with him, and Papercutz was born. They published only two series at first, both mysteries: Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

They’ve since added dozens of new books and more come every publishing season. Jim still edits the entire line, but it has grown a lot in the past seven years. Now they have books about fairies, mermaids, ballerinas, Smurfs, time-traveling mice, ninjas, superheroes, and donkeys struggling with their homework!

The Giveaway

Papercutz is giving away THREE books in the Dance Class graphic novel series to THREE readers. [Read more…]

The Cutest T-Shirt In The Land Of Sweets Or Snow

TendusUnderAPalmTree.comTendus Under A Palm Tree gives its blog readers access to the everyday life of a professional ballet dancer living and working in one of the most glamorous and trendy places in the world, Miami Beach.

That ballet dancer is Miami City Ballet corps member, Rebecca King.

Rebecca’s site has been named a Top Dance Blog in our contest here at Dance Advantage and is popular with people who know ballet and those who don’t. She shares her experiences, interviews other professionals in the field, pens essays on Balanchine and topics important to the art form, and waxes on ballet in mainstream media. She does it all to educate and excite the public about what she does for a living.

In addition to starting her own social media company, Rebecca has recently launched a line of T-shirts. It all began with her “Keep Calm and Tendu On” catchphrase. Now she’s gone a bit Nutty with a new “Keep Calm” tee that’s just right for the holiday season.

The Giveaway

Rebecca is giving away ONE “Keep Calm and Dream of Sugar Plums” t-shirt to TWO readers. [Read more…]

$99 To Spend On Positive Dance Products by Rhee Gold Company

IMAGE Positive Dance, a division of the Rhee Gold company IMAGE

Spread the passion for the art of dance

Positive Dance is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, publishers of Dance Studio Life Magazine, and producers of

Rhee Gold’s vision is to bring the positive aspects of dance to the forefront with videos, articles, quotes, products and more.

“Some people think that great dance is defined by the number of pirouettes or tricks that a dancer can do, and others believe that ballet is all there is, and then there is a new generation of dancers who are passionate about hip-hop. I believe that the gift of dance comes wrapped in various packages, because I see the beauty in them all.” – Rhee Gold

The Giveaway

The Rhee Gold Company would like to offer a $99 gift certificate for the website to THREE DA readers.

Winners can choose from an array of products like t-shirts, subscriptions to Dance Studio Life Magazine, handbooks, DVD’s and more.

The Positive Dance giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, ages 18 and up and closes at Midnight EST on Wednesday, February 22.

How To Enter

This giveaway is closed but find t-shirts, teacher tools, and more at

[Read more…]

Developed By Dancers, Barre Makes Healthy Snacks

IMAGE Barre - a real food bar developed by dancers, created for everyone IMAGE

Barre makes healthy snacks for dancers and anyone who wants to perform their best!

In the spring of 2010 Julia Erickson, Principal Dancer with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, was rehearsing for the lead role in Swan Lake, Odette/Odile, and needed a convenient, healthy snack to power her through tough swan rehearsals.

Julia and her partner, Aaron (formerly with PBT) had both given up on eating “energy bars” many years prior due to the fact that most of them were glorified candy bars.  So Julia pulled out her Cuisinart and some ingredients from the cupboard and set about making her own nutritious snack designed specifically for the needs of a dancer.

IMAGE Barre - Black Swan flavor IMAGEJulia took her concoction to work at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and ate it before class and rehearsals.  Her colleagues at PBT and the students at PBT School tried it and liked it —can you say light bulb moment? Shortly thereafter Barre began supplying dancers all across the country with healthy snacks.

Barre donates a portion of its profits to arts education and currently offers their real food bars in two delicious flavors, Black Swan Chocolate Berry and Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan. Keep a look out for their next flavor, White Swan, coming soon!

Read more of the Barre story in our review here.

The Giveaway

Barre would like to give away a box of 12 bars to THREE Dance Advantage readers.

IMAGE Barre - Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan flavor IMAGEBarre real food bars are made from all natural, whole food ingredients.  Unlike some other bars, you can pronounce all of the ingredients that make up Barre.  Barres real food bars are specifically designed for dancers as a pre-class or rehearsal snack.

A box of 12 Barres retails for $27.48. Winners will receive 6 Black Swan Chocolate Berry and 6 Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan bars.

The Barre giveaway is open to U.S. residents (including Hawaii and Alaska) to those 18 and up and closes at Midnight EST on Monday, February 20.

How To Enter

This giveaway is closed but learn how and where to purchase these healthy and tasty snacks at

[Read more…]

Keep The Passion For Dance Alive As You Grow Your Business

IMAGE banner IMAGE is an online membership resource for owners and directors worldwide to start, grow, or take their studio business to the next level.

For nearly forty years Kathy Blake has found positive and effective ways to overcome obstacles and challenges at her performing arts studio while expanding the vibrant dance community in her local area, as well as nationally. With over 900 students, Kathy Blake Studios exemplifies the highest standards in the industry, thriving in a suburban area of southern New Hampshire.

IMAGE Kathy Blake and Suzanne Blake Gerety in the studio IMAGE

Suzanne Blake Gerety and Kathy Blake

Kathy’s daughter, Suzanne Blake Gerety, witnessed the ups and downs of dance studio ownership her entire life. In 2006, she realized that if she were to lose her mom, suddenly the wealth of knowledge and information on how Kathy maintained consistent growth in the face of changing trends, personal losses, studio splits, and financial hardships would be lost.

So together they created as a resource for new and experienced studio owners all over the world to access the latest information to help save time, become more profitable, and grow their businesses both financially and artistically.

Dance Advantage has been happy to present helpful tips and insight in a regular column by Suzanne Gerety. We are also very proud to be part of the community and of our long-standing affiliate relationship. We’ve been referring many happy customers to this smart, useful, and business-enhancing resource for nearly 4 years.

The Giveaway would like to give away a One-Year Membership to TWO Dance Advantage readers.

The quickest route to long-lasting success as a dance studio owner isn’t about figuring it out yourself. This unique learning environment is a place where each member can ask for advice and feedback and get it from other studio owners experiencing tangible success in their own businesses and who are willing to share how they’re doing it.

As a member of you’ll get to know Kathy and Suzanne personally. They are real, down to earth, people who deal with all of the non-glamorous side of studio ownership, just like you. Yet, they still hold on to their dreams. is here to support you because they know it’s never worth giving up on your dream.

They’ll be your cheerleaders and your greatest resource.

The retail value of a one-year membership is $187. Current members may still enter to win — your account will be credited.

The giveaway is open worldwide to those 18 and up and closes at Midnight EST on Sunday, February 19.

How To Enter

This giveaway is closed but learn how to become a member of this fabulous resource for studio administrators at

[Read more…]

Teaching Tools For Dancers: Ballet Bundle

IMAGE Dance Teacher Press logo IMAGE

Teaching tools for dancers --

Dance Teacher Press has creative books, posters, flashcards, coloring sheets, and other teaching tools for dancers.

Dance Teacher Press began with The Ballet Combination Book

The Ballet Combination Book is a compilation of notes from years of teaching. Says founder, Janet Jerger, “I was constantly referring to my notes and thought many other teachers might enjoy them too.”  Testing the market on ebay, teachers told Jerger it was a very helpful tool that they enjoyed for class planning.

“That was my first product,” says Jerger, “and since then I have created many new items for dancers and teachers.  It has been a wonderful adventure to create beautiful items that make teaching dance easier and more enjoyable.”

The Giveaway

Dance Teacher Press would like to give away a Ballet Bundle to THREE Dance Advantage readers.

The bundle includes:

IMAGE Cover of Ballet Step by Step (Dance Teacher Press)Ballet Step by Step, an illustrated ballet dictionary for students.

The 64-page book includes definitions, translations and pronunciations for more than 60 of the most basic ballet terms. The book is written in the order a class is conducted, beginning with etiquette and positions. Ballet Step by Step is Perfect bound, 8 x 8, 64 pages, and retails for $13.95.

IMAGE The Ballet Combination Book by IMAGEThe Ballet Combination Book contains over 250 combinations for the ballet class.

This book is designed to help you with a multitude of choices and ideas, ideal for those times when you find yourself teaching the same exercises week after week. It is also an indispensable tool for apprentice teachers. You’ll find basic technique ideas for young dancers, as well as more difficult combinations for the intermediate dancer. After you are familiar with the easy to read combinations, refer to it on the spot – even while teaching! The Ballet Combination Book is Perfect bound. 8 X 11, 58 pages, and retails for $21.95

You can read DA’s review of these two resources here. But wait, there’s more!

IMAGE Words of the Week by Dance Teacher Press IMAGEWords of the Week provides a visual display of ballet vocabulary.

Use “Words of the Week” as a reminder to discuss, define, and demonstrate vocabulary. This visual aid hangs like a spiral bound calendar and displays over 50 ballet terms or phrases. There are 18 displays with 2 to 4 phrases per display.  Having the “Words of the Week” system helps insure you cover essential terms throughout the year. Words of the Week is Spiral Bound, 8.5 x 11 folded (Full display is 11 X 17), is printed on high quality gloss stock to last for years, and retails for $22.95.

The Ballet Bundle giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 and over and closes at Midnight EST on Saturday, February 18.

How To Enter

This giveaway is closed but learn more about these and other fantastic teaching tools at

[Read more…]

How Do We Love Thee? Let Us Count The Giveaways!

Every once in a while I like to express appreciation for our readers with an entire week of giveaways.

It’s been almost a year since our last one and, because next week is Valentine’s Day, it seemed an especially appropriate time for showing and sharing the love.

When will the LOVE Our Readers Giveaway begin?

Good question! The first giveaway will appear at 8am EST on Sunday, February 12, 2012.

A new giveaway will go up every day for 7 days.

When will it end?

The last giveaway goes up on Saturday, February 18 Sunday, February 19 (we love to overdeliver)

But each giveaway is open for approximately 4 1/2 days, closing at 12am, Midnight EST at the close of Day 4. (That means the final giveaway will close at Midnight on the 23rd)

IMAGE Feb 12-18: LOVE Our Readers Giveaway 2012 IMAGE

What could I win? [Read more…]

Spring Fever Giveaway

We’re hoping we put a little spring in your step!

IMAGE Spring Fever Giveaway -- March 21-27, 2011 IMAGE
This week of giveaways is over but click below to get details about the great products you missed (this time)!

Details about the giveaway are below but now that we’re underway, we are revealing a partial  list of our prize sponsors. These will be updated with links (in red) when the individual giveaways go live on the site:

abc for dance [CLOSED]

Balletband [CLOSED]

Dance Dot [CLOSED]

Dance in a Box [CLOSED]

BLACK SWAN – Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment [CLOSED]

Squirrel Trench Audio [CLOSED]

Music, Muk Luks, and More from DA

Maybe you remember our last (and first) big giveaway event, The Giving Thanks Giveaway in November. We’re set to go again, giving away more great prizes to Dance Advantage readers in our Spring Fever Giveaway!

When will it begin?

Monday, March 21.

When will it end?

Sunday, March 27.

What could I win?

Oh no you don’t. We like to surprise you!  I CAN share that we’ve got you covered – your A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s! Wearables, gear to help you practice and improve, teaching and curriculum aids, and more!

What will I have to do?

All you have to do is show up and comment. Stay tuned all week to There will be a link to the giveaways on the home page. Or bookmark this post. I’ll update it to include links to the daily giveway.

What are my chances?

It depends. There will be up to three winners on each giveaway. Winners will be chosen randomly from those that comment on each individual giveaway.

Subscriber PLUS members will have the opportunity to earn extra entries. Good news! There’s still time to sign up… Join HERE.

Why do you hold giveaways?

I see it as a way to show appreciation to readers as well as highlight interesting companies and products with which you may not be familiar. And it doesn’t hurt Dance Advantage, either! It brings new readers and sponsors, creates a bit of buzz, and gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling.

What happens if I win?

After I randomly draw your winning entry comment, I’ll contact you via email. You’ll only have 48 hours to get back to me. I’ve got to put a limit on it or it drags on and on and on…. So stay close to your email throughout the coming week (and a half). When I don’t hear back from a winner, I move on to the next drawn winner which makes another person happy (yay!) but another one pretty disappointed. I’d rather that no one is disappointed!

What do I do now?

Tweet, retweet, tweet again.

Share, like, link on Facebook.

Blog, re-blog, broadcast.

(Monday – mark your calendar!)

Any other questions?

Ask now in the comments below or forever hold your peace...

PLEASE READ our giveaway policies.

Giving Thanks Giveaway: DancesToGo… Encore

This giveaway is now closed.

This is it. Our final giveaway!

Dejà vu. Didn’t DancesToGo open The Giving Thanks Giveaway?

You bet. Frances, the dynamo behind DancesToGo, is just super generous and wanted to give THREE MORE people a chance to get free ready-made choreography downloads from

Dances To Go logo - Our Perfection is your Performance

Click to visit

If you came late to the party and don’t know about, Feel free to head over to the other post where you can learn more. Here’s the postcard version: creates fun and ready to teach downloadable dance routines for dance studio and elementary school teachers and their students.

Here’s what you need to know for this giveaway:

This contest, like all the others featured at Dance Advantage this week, is independent from any of the others, including the initial DancesToGo contest posted on Monday. This means contestants can enter one or both DancesToGo giveaways.

What you can win:

As before, DancesToGo is offering a $25 gift certificate to THREE Dance Advantage readers.
On this, the Dances To Go encore giveaway, there’s more!

Decorated Christmas treeThe three winners from this drawing will also receive 3 Christmas dance routines, choreographed by yours truly.

  • The Little Christmas Tree -The suggested music for this one is Stevie Wonder’s classic One Little Christmas Tree. This sweet and earnest little number is perfect for 5 – 8 year olds. Dancers all get a turn in the spotlight with simple, often pantomimed movement that is great for beginners who may have only a few months of class under their belt.
  • The Christmas Tree Rock - You’ll think the suggested track for this one is The Beatles. It isn’t, but Rubber Band’s holiday ode to the Fab Four is just as classic. Repetition and unambiguous rhythms make it easy for students to pick-up; changes in formation keep it fun and interesting for the audience. Suitable for ages 8 – 14, depending on the group of students.
  • A Little Angel – Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, and these little angels/devils know how to beat the system. Parents especially will get a kick out of this dance for 3-5 year-olds. Simple to pull together for a holiday performance, especially with Santa’s class helpers nearby.

Please note that these particular routines are infused with Christmas themes. They may not be suitable for all classes or all students. Use your discretion.

These and other choreographies of my own design will gradually be made available for purchase at but you can win these 3, plus download $25 worth of dance choreography if you enter this giveaway.

How to enter:

Leave a comment at this post, answering the question: What is your signature move when you choreograph?

Intentional or not, we all seem to have one. I think mine is balancé. Maybe it’s because I like doing them so much but, they find their way into everything, not just ballet. Okay, they aren’t necessarily called balancé in jazz but I can rock a swaying step ball-change, or make it pop in hip-hop, or add some flaps with my very soft shoes. How about you?

Many of our giveaways close TONIGHT at midnight EST. Friday’s and today’s giveaways (including this one) close Sunday at midnight EST. Either way, you don’t have much time!

The DancesToGo encore giveaway is open worldwide.

  1. Leave your comment below.
  2. Be sure to thank Frances for a second go at DancesToGo – she’s on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. And make sure you haven’t missed out on any of our other giveaways.
Good luck! I truly hope you’re a winner!

Giving Thanks Giveaway: Grosh Backdrops

This giveaway is now closed.

Final day! First giveaway! This one is sponsored by Grosh Backdrops

Grosh Backdrops & DraperyGrosh Backdrops creates one of a kind, hand painted backdrops to dress up your recital, performance or special event.

They are a small, family owned business, founded in 1932. For over 75 years, Grosh Backdrops has been supplying the dance industry with top quality backdrops and drapery from an unmatched selection. Their backdrops have appeared in music videos, commercials, movies, and television shows. You can read Grosh Backdrops’ full Hollywood story here, or check out the video below:

Grosh Backdrops Promo Spot

Watch this video on YouTube.

Their sales consultants have backgrounds in all forms of entertainment events, and can suggest ideas to match your theme from the Wild West to Hollywood to New York City.  A Victorian-era parlor à la Nutcracker; a fantasy forest; a disco dancefloor – Grosh can place your performance in just the right setting.

Winter landscape - Grosh Backdrops ES2224“Grosh backdrops are hand painted by our very own in-house scenic rental artists,” says Lindsay Fultz, Manager of Sales & New Media. “We have the largest inventory in the scenic rental industry, boasting over 5,000+ backdrops!”

What you could win:

Grosh would like to give away a backdrop rental (winner’s choice) valued up to $500 to ONE Dance Advantage reader.

Wow your audience at this year’s recital with a professional backdrop that is as spectacular as your students. Winner must pay shipping but, with two warehouses in California and Indiana, Grosh can ship two-day ground practically anywhere in the country, saving their customers a lot of money.

How to enter:

Just place a comment at this post, answering the question: If you were to win, which theme or specific Grosh backdrop would make your performance or event a success?

This giveaway is open to those in all 50 of the United States of America.

The contest will close tomorrow, Sunday November 14, at midnight so don’t delay!