Lovable Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”

Meet Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”. Find out why she’s blogging & building a “ballroom village.” We ask her thoughts on perceived shortcomings and, most importantly, watch her lip-sync and take charge on the cha-cha.

Congratulations Top Dance Blogs of 2013!

You voted and ranked the Top 20 Dance Blogs of 2013, and chose your favorites in each category. Nearly 3000 votes were counted. See who won and congratulate all the participants.

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Vote for your favorite dance blogs in each category and help rank the top 20 dance blogs of 2013. Plus, find new dance blogs to read and follow!

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The 2013 Dance Advantage Top Dance Blog contest kicks off today. Enter your dance blog for a chance to be a Top 20 Dance Blog or get voted as the best in your category. Real blog readers choose their favorites in this yearly competition!

Enforced Arch: Dancers As A Force For Change

Enforced Arch is a dance and performance community of intelligent communicators who use their unique talents to bring life to environmental and social issues. They were also voted #2 in a very close race to decide the Top Dance Blogs of 2011. Learn more about the community and its creator James Koroni in this interview.

Carla Escoda Brings Ballet To The People

Carla Escoda is the blogger and ballet instructor behind Ballet To The People, voted the Top Dance Blog of 2011. Carla’s site is a feast for ballet-lovers everywhere. Learn more about her training and 20-year hiatus from dance, her teaching, her writing, and how she successfully battled her most severe arthritis symptoms with an active, rigorous ballet program.

Congrats to the Top Dance Blogs of 2011!

It takes a certain amount of bravery to step up and be counted. Our winners for this year’s 2011 Top Dance Blog contest, and our Editor’s Choice are revealed. Plus, weigh in on the contest, make suggestions, and help us make 2012 even better!

Who Inspires You?

I’ve been given a blog award but I’m announcing it with a twist and a shout out. Meet my nominator, Jean who blogs 52 Weeks of Ballet, and Melissa, the young blogger behind the award. They got to ask me questions too in this post that covers everything from first dance solos to returning to ballet as an adult.

Congratulations to the Top Dance Blogs of 2010!

It was a fierce competition in many of the Top Dance Blog categories! The closest race by far was in our Dance News and Criticism group with loveDancemore and Rogue Ballerina separated by only 1% of the votes. However it seemed until the end that it was just about anyone’s game in all of the groups. Here are your winners!

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Dance blogs who rallied the most comments have made the cut for the final voting stage. Vote now for your favorites!

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Engage your readers and find out why they love you. This is valuable to blog owners no matter your readership or chances to be a Top Dance Blog. Even if you don’t qualify for the top ten or twenty, you’ll enter 2011 with encouragement to keep blogging!