Sunday Snapshot: Out There

Photograph of Out There danced and choreographed by Sun-A Lee. Captured at Esplanade Theatre Studio on 27th August 2010 by Matthew G. Johnson, a photographer based in Singapore.

Sunday Snapshot: Let it Snow

This photo of Anna-Mi Fredriksson (former English National Ballet and solo artist) was taken in Queens Park, London on February 2, 2009. London city was shut down due to the snow which, as you can see, blanketed everything. “Anna-Mi and I lived next to the park,” photographer, Ben Hopper explains, “so the whole thing was a ‘let’s go to the snowy park to take fun pictures’.”

Sunday Snapshot: The Silent Current

Paolo Santos came to photography by way of film making. He got his first digital SLR camera strictly to create time lapse sequences for his work in 2005. When the camera was not taking time lapse, he was snapping images here and there and finally, one day decided to get serious with it. This image was taken outdoors in Utah and it features his wife, Caroline Sicard.

Sunday Snapshot: Upside-Down

Though it may seem a million miles away from what he had been doing, Matt says he arrived at dance photography because he likes to challenge himself and wanted to combine the power and speed of rugby or motorsport with the technical and lighting skills he had developed while working in the studio. It was then that he stumbled upon Jim Markland’s dance photography workshop being held nearby.

Sunday Snapshot: Back To Basics

“One day I got together with one of my students and we decided to experiment with the camera in the studio. Out of all the photos from that day the featured photo is one of my favourites. I have been enjoying experimenting with dance and photography over the past three years and I look forward to learning more. Dance is my passion. Directing girls in front of the camera is my new form of dancing.”

Sunday Snapshot: Port de Danseuse

Hannah is a young photographer and dancer who has been featured on the Dance Advantage Sunday Snapshot before. She has a knack for finding unique locations and using them to feature her favorite subject, dancers. “Dance is what I love to do so naturally, I am most inspired to photograph dancers,” she says. And in case you are doubting, yes, the boat really is named the Dancer.

Sunday Snapshot: Ballet Zaida

According to Oliver Endahl, the photographer, the purpose of the Ballet Zaida photography project is to “educate and expose the public to ballet, as well as inspire the world through pictures.” A former ballet dancer himself, his work is definitely inspiring as well as inspired, featuring incredibly talented dancers in stunning locations. And there is just gallery after gallery of images – a visual feast.

Sunday Snapshot: Searching For Perfect Balance

Pablo, our featured photographer, claims to be the worst dancer in the world. He has some friends, however, who dance in a local academy. One of them asked him to shoot this performance. He remembers feeling very surprised when the photographed dancer, Karina, began the show in her red shoes. Pablos spent the entire dance in pursuit of her feet, searching for the perfect balance. He shot at 800 ISO with a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 at 200 mm (400 mm for a 4/3 camera).

Sunday Snapshot: Canyon Repose

On the rock face are the MoonFlower Canyon Petroglyphs. Considered a holy place in ancient times by the Native Americans, the petroglyphs are located just five miles outside of Moab, Utah.. The pointe shoes resting on the fence post belong to Cricket, the photographer. She says, “What you can’t see, is an Indian ladder and foot holds that takes you to the top of the red rock cliffs 200 feet above, that over look the Colorado River and its stunning views. It’s a difficult climb for those who are not experienced with climbing on red rock or have a fear of heights.”

Sunday Snapshot: You Raise Me Up

“Bad lighting and quick movements make for very difficult focusing but, when you get it right it’s just feels so rewarding, and sure enough it made me a better photographer. The individuals themselves were an inspiration to me, everyone in that class were extraordinary talents, intelligent, high minded, and always with the good of the community in mind.”

Sunday Snapshot: Ray Of Light

René Michaels is a professional photographer in Austin, TX. His interest in dance stems from growing up in the Los Angeles, CA. area in the ’70s & ’80s where, working as a dance club Disc Jockey, he witnessed the birth of Hip-Hop and got his “fifteen minutes of fame” appearing on the nationally syndicated TV series “Soul Train” as a featured dancer for several years.

Sunday Snapshot: Curly Top

The white background really makes this colorful photo pop. I loved this series of images of this precious tap dancer – the oversized hat, and those curls reminding me of Shirley Temple. Just cute! I hope your recitals are all going well this year. Do you have photos taken before or after your performance?