Confessions of a Busy Dance Mom

I’m probably a great example of some of the moms at your studio I suppose, who can barely find the time to get the lunches packed and get to school on time. Let alone read the many papers and emails and notices that come home on a regular basis. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Families Move “Up, Down, & All Around”

Versatility is the real strength of Up, Down, & All Around. Parents (or educators) with little experience can pop in the DVD and get every member of the family or classroom up and moving in no time, yet there are opportunities for new discoveries and learning with repeat viewings.

Parents, Which Type of Helicopter Are You?

Blogger, Vicki Nelson recently did a three-part series about “Helicopter Parents.” As I read the articles, the dreaded term “stage mom” came to mind. Parents of university-bound students are not the only ones who “hover.”

A FREE Download for Parents of Dancers

If you are a family that has welcomed dance into your household and your hearts, you may have questions and concerns about the welfare, health, and happiness of your child as they pursue their training. Download this free e-book for parents from a trusted source for quality information.

Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

A while back I did a post entitled Encouraging Boys to Dance. It had a good response and I was even asked to submit an edited version for the PTA (National Parent Teacher Association) website.  It is my firm belief that boys should be encouraged to dance by dance teachers and parents in particular. After all, there are many who would discourage them – we should be making it an easier choice for young guys who may have an interest {Read More}