Family Drama and Ballet Dreams at the Heart of YA Novel, Wish

Pretending is part of ballet but Indigo, an aspiring ballerina, is especially good at it. She presents normalcy even though her mother’s alcoholism creates drama at home. What makes Indigo so relatable? Find out in our review of Wish, by Grier Cooper.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Then and Now

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater has produced some of America’s most enduring dance works. Learn the facts every dancer should know about this dance company.

You. Me. The Big Apple?

Nichelle wants to connect with readers in person. If you’re going to the Dance Teacher Summit or will be in NYC, comment on this post to get the details about this Friends of DA meetup.

Helping Your Young Students Through Tragedy

Maria’s little dancers have experienced their share of tragedy lately. She shares her experiences and how she helped her young ones cope, plus some resources to help you help your students if or when tragedy strikes.

Add “the Cranes Dance” To Your Summer Reading List

Gwen and Kate are sisters in the same ballet company. Gwen has left New York to be with her family in Michigan and a palpable, angry silence has developed between she and her sister, Kate. “the Crane Dance” an upcoming novel by Meg Howrey follows their personal and professional struggles with “flair, wit and honesty,” says our guest reviewer. Put this one on your summer reading list!

More Than A Prop: Object As Performer

Sarah Dahnke is a New York dancer and choreographer who frequently incorporates props in her work. She shares a spectacular exercise to generate movement and use objects as part of the process as well as details about her latest project, Object as Performer.

What The Ailey School’s Melanie Person Knew When She Was Twelve

Co-Director of The Ailey School, Co-Chair of The Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program, and former Dance Theatre of Harlem ballerina, Melanie Person answers ten questions: on leg extension, encouraging ballet students, what studios could do to better prepare students for college, and what she knew when she was twelve.

What’s Not To Love About A Pink Walrus?

Take little dancers on a Ballet Adventure with Liz Vacco. Her Petite Feet DVD presents developmentally appropriate ballet concepts and vocabulary with imaginative stories and imagery and original songs. The set and a friendly Walrus have Yo Gabba Gabba charm but there are more reasons kids, parents, and teachers will love this new DVD for young dancers.

Talking Fusion, SYTYCD, and Futures with Dwight Rhoden

Nichelle interviews Dwight Rhoden whose company, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, which he co-founded with dancer Desmond Richardson is performing in Houston. We talk about the future of dance, the fusion of dance forms, and his work in commercial (namely So You Think You Can Dance) and concert dance, including the works Rise, set to selections by U2, and Richardson’s solo CLICK.

Brand Spotlight: Capezio and their Tap Shoes

Which is the right tap shoe for you? TAPography columnist, Tristan Bruns wants to help you decide. With this brief history of the Capezio brand and its tap shoes, he launches a series of posts which will include his personal, non-sponsored tap shoe reviews from major shoemakers.

Dance Training in New York vs. Los Angeles

If you were looking to train professionally in modern dance and wanted to relocate to the big city, would you choose Los Angeles or New York? With a little help from a friend who knows both cities well we compare the dance personalities of each and discuss the importance of setting goals to get you where you want to go.

Chloe Arnold’s ‘My Life, My Diary, My Dance’

Chloe Arnold is confident in her life’s journey, as is evident in her one woman show, “My Life, My Diary, My Dance”. Through entries of Chloe’s ‘diary’ we come to understand the relationships and circumstances that developed her into the powerhouse performer that she is today. While the style and flow of the evening was uniquely Chloe Arnold, she makes it very clear that this show is not just about her. In this article Chloe Arnold speaks with columnist Tristan Bruns on tap, her influences, and new directions in this review and interview.