You. Me. The Big Apple?

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Nichelle wants to connect with readers in person. If you’re going to the Dance Teacher Summit or will be in NYC, comment on this post to get the details about this Friends of DA meetup.

The Pros and Cons of Dance Crossover

IMAGE Dancers shoot in front of a green screen for the film Lost Action: Trace. IMAGE

What are the pros and cons of traversing multiple genres in the dance field? Does it pay to be a Jack of all trades or will choreographers assume you’re a master of none? Featured columnist and dancer, Roger Lee shares his thoughts on what it’s like to find work and collect income from a variety of sources.

The Right Steps Towards A Career In Dance


It can be scary to break out of the comfortable confines of your local studio. But branching out has many benefits for an aspiring dance professional. By taking a wide variety of dance classes from different sources, you become a more versatile dancer. In today’s dance industry, versatility is extremely important. Sure you can specialize in a specific dance genre, but it is also important to be well-versed in a variety of styles.

Getting Twitter to Work for You


f you are a dancer, art enthusiast, or music lover, you may want to keep up with the artists and companies you love. More and more are appearing on twitter, keeping fans updated on touring schedules, new works, the creative process, and more. This may also be an opportunity to stay up-to-date, and ask questions, within your field or career of interest. Offers Real-Life Experience, Support, and a Personal Touch


Our members are our number one priority and what I know from the many conversations I’ve had no matter where they are located; studio owners face many of the same challenges. Having launched our site in the spring of 2008, we are thrilled at the positive response, and that studio owners know that our site is a resource for them no matter where they are located. The information is available to them 24/7/365.

Dancers at a Gathering


[youtube=] The above video is an excerpt from Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering (performed by Simon Valastro). This post isn’t about this work, but you can find out more about the ballet here. Actually, the play on words just worked to lead into some discussion on a new gathering spot for dancers – social networking sites. Dancers, teachers, and students are busy people, yet more of us are finding our way to the internet as a means to network {Read More}

Dance Advantage Interactive

I’ve been working on some exciting new ways of reaching out to dance students, teachers, and parents online and getting the word out about the Dance Advantage blog. In addition to creating pages on Facebook and MySpace, I am releasing updates and other information on Twitter, and use StumbleUpon. If you utilize any of these online networks or tools, I would be honored if you added Dance Advantage to your list of connections. In addition, I have recently launched a {Read More}