The Stem of Aplomb — Part One: The Cervical Spine

The way that a dancer carries his/her head, the length of the neck, and the position of the chin, are pivotal to the overall appearance of grace and poise so necessary in dance. Understand the cervical spine and how it functions to project self-confidence, and improve common mistakes in cambré and carriage of the head.

Developpé Dilemma: Deb Vogel Addresses a Reader Question

When I received Amy’s question about pain in developpé below, my instinct was to help yet, I was not confident that I was fully equipped to assess what might be happening with Amy. So, I did what I would have for any student who had a problem I could not work out – I took her question to someone more knowledgeable than I – Deb Vogel, a neuromuscular educator and movement analyst who has been working with dancers for years.