A Young Man That Dances — Exclusive Interview with Garrett Smith, Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy and HB II Graduate

“I knew what I was doing with my life, unlike the boys who called me names. The teasing made me work harder to prove them wrong and to be successful. When I went to Europe at age 13, I realized that they were so wrong because I was having so much fun dancing.”

My Brother Can Dance

Well, my brother can’t, but Ariel Amir Lacey’s brother can and, in an act of sisterly love, she has created a line of t-shirts to show her support! This is a truly sweet gesture and these t-shirts could make great gifts for guys who dance (whether they’re your brother or not). The designs are artwork hand-drawn by Ariel, depicting boys dancing, along with empowering sayings like Real Men Lift and This is My Playing Field, and they are now available {Read More}

Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

A while back I did a post entitled Encouraging Boys to Dance. It had a good response and I was even asked to submit an edited version for the PTA (National Parent Teacher Association) website.  It is my firm belief that boys should be encouraged to dance by dance teachers and parents in particular. After all, there are many who would discourage them – we should be making it an easier choice for young guys who may have an interest {Read More}

Encouraging Boys to Dance

Dance is a physical and athletic activity requiring great skill, strength, and agility. Sounds like an ideal fit for energetic boys… so where are they?? Well, we know that public perception is difficult to change and, in general, the current perception is that dance is not a “manly” activity. For ballet and some other dance styles, the aesthetic is for movement to look effortless. Even though the audience knows that men in dance must be in top physical form, beauty {Read More}