40 More Haunting Halloween Songs

This year I’ve topped that with 40 MORE songs that you can use for parties or for dance class. Go way beyond the Monster Mash with tracks from True Blood, The Ramones, David Bowie, and Kanye West.

Chicago’s Menomonee Club Dancers Show ‘Why Dance Matters’

Thanks to Performing Arts Coordinator, Lauren Warnecke, children in their dance program were given the opportunity to submit statements and drawings completing the thought, “Dance matters because….” The wonderful sample below was selected for publishing on Dance Advantage. I am happy to share these with you during National Dance Week! I hope you’ve taken some time during this busy month of arts advocacy to celebrate at your own studios!

Teacher’s Top Three: Little Movers

“If you are a teacher you probably know how hard it is to find great music to use in your classes that are all on the same album. Here are my top 3 picks that have it all. They are creative, inspiring, and leave a don’t-forget-it-at-home impression on me. I am always looking for new music to spice up my classes, so I hope these will help you! I tried to feature a little something for everyone!”

Helping Dancers Deal With Disappointment

Parent your child through this setback and support them in becoming a more resilient and confident human being. When your child is faced with a letdown, you have a great opportunity to encourage your son or daughter to face and rise above the obstacles that come their way. It may not feel like a gift but it is.

Confessions of a Busy Dance Mom

I’m probably a great example of some of the moms at your studio I suppose, who can barely find the time to get the lunches packed and get to school on time. Let alone read the many papers and emails and notices that come home on a regular basis. Here’s just a few reasons why: