The 5 Basic Dance Jumps

Mathematically, the human body (with two feet) is capable of only 5 basic jumps.   It’s true! You can do all the fancy-pants jumps you want but they each boil down to one of only five possible combinations: Two feet to two feet One foot to the same foot One foot to the other foot Two feet to one foot One foot to two feet Knowing this is helpful for more than just scoring well in trivia games. It helps you to quickly break down {Read More}

The Long and Short of Achilles Tendon Health

Find out the best way to avoid lower leg and achilles tendon injury, plus learn how to properly stretch the achilles to promote tendon health.

Vertically Challenged: Improving Your Jumps

The secret to jumping is not so secret, it is the same hard work that goes into most everything in dance: proper alignment, solid technique, and practice, practice, practice! These thorough, step-by-step pointers, however, will help you as you practice vertical jumping and can even be applied to traveling jumps or leaps.