Giving Thanks Giveaway: DancesToGo… Encore

This giveaway is now closed.

This is it. Our final giveaway!

Dejà vu. Didn’t DancesToGo open The Giving Thanks Giveaway?

You bet. Frances, the dynamo behind DancesToGo, is just super generous and wanted to give THREE MORE people a chance to get free ready-made choreography downloads from

Dances To Go logo - Our Perfection is your Performance

Click to visit

If you came late to the party and don’t know about, Feel free to head over to the other post where you can learn more. Here’s the postcard version: creates fun and ready to teach downloadable dance routines for dance studio and elementary school teachers and their students.

Here’s what you need to know for this giveaway:

This contest, like all the others featured at Dance Advantage this week, is independent from any of the others, including the initial DancesToGo contest posted on Monday. This means contestants can enter one or both DancesToGo giveaways.

What you can win:

As before, DancesToGo is offering a $25 gift certificate to THREE Dance Advantage readers.
On this, the Dances To Go encore giveaway, there’s more!

Decorated Christmas treeThe three winners from this drawing will also receive 3 Christmas dance routines, choreographed by yours truly.

  • The Little Christmas Tree -The suggested music for this one is Stevie Wonder’s classic One Little Christmas Tree. This sweet and earnest little number is perfect for 5 – 8 year olds. Dancers all get a turn in the spotlight with simple, often pantomimed movement that is great for beginners who may have only a few months of class under their belt.
  • The Christmas Tree Rock – You’ll think the suggested track for this one is The Beatles. It isn’t, but Rubber Band’s holiday ode to the Fab Four is just as classic. Repetition and unambiguous rhythms make it easy for students to pick-up; changes in formation keep it fun and interesting for the audience. Suitable for ages 8 – 14, depending on the group of students.
  • A Little Angel – Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, and these little angels/devils know how to beat the system. Parents especially will get a kick out of this dance for 3-5 year-olds. Simple to pull together for a holiday performance, especially with Santa’s class helpers nearby.

Please note that these particular routines are infused with Christmas themes. They may not be suitable for all classes or all students. Use your discretion.

These and other choreographies of my own design will gradually be made available for purchase at but you can win these 3, plus download $25 worth of dance choreography if you enter this giveaway.

How to enter:

Leave a comment at this post, answering the question: What is your signature move when you choreograph?

Intentional or not, we all seem to have one. I think mine is balancé. Maybe it’s because I like doing them so much but, they find their way into everything, not just ballet. Okay, they aren’t necessarily called balancé in jazz but I can rock a swaying step ball-change, or make it pop in hip-hop, or add some flaps with my very soft shoes. How about you?

Many of our giveaways close TONIGHT at midnight EST. Friday’s and today’s giveaways (including this one) close Sunday at midnight EST. Either way, you don’t have much time!

The DancesToGo encore giveaway is open worldwide.

  1. Leave your comment below.
  2. Be sure to thank Frances for a second go at DancesToGo – she’s on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. And make sure you haven’t missed out on any of our other giveaways.
Good luck! I truly hope you’re a winner!

Giving Thanks Giveaway: Grosh Backdrops

This giveaway is now closed.

Final day! First giveaway! This one is sponsored by Grosh Backdrops

Grosh Backdrops & DraperyGrosh Backdrops creates one of a kind, hand painted backdrops to dress up your recital, performance or special event.

They are a small, family owned business, founded in 1932. For over 75 years, Grosh Backdrops has been supplying the dance industry with top quality backdrops and drapery from an unmatched selection. Their backdrops have appeared in music videos, commercials, movies, and television shows. You can read Grosh Backdrops’ full Hollywood story here, or check out the video below:

Grosh Backdrops Promo Spot

Watch this video on YouTube.

Their sales consultants have backgrounds in all forms of entertainment events, and can suggest ideas to match your theme from the Wild West to Hollywood to New York City.  A Victorian-era parlor à la Nutcracker; a fantasy forest; a disco dancefloor – Grosh can place your performance in just the right setting.

Winter landscape - Grosh Backdrops ES2224“Grosh backdrops are hand painted by our very own in-house scenic rental artists,” says Lindsay Fultz, Manager of Sales & New Media. “We have the largest inventory in the scenic rental industry, boasting over 5,000+ backdrops!”

What you could win:

Grosh would like to give away a backdrop rental (winner’s choice) valued up to $500 to ONE Dance Advantage reader.

Wow your audience at this year’s recital with a professional backdrop that is as spectacular as your students. Winner must pay shipping but, with two warehouses in California and Indiana, Grosh can ship two-day ground practically anywhere in the country, saving their customers a lot of money.

How to enter:

Just place a comment at this post, answering the question: If you were to win, which theme or specific Grosh backdrop would make your performance or event a success?

This giveaway is open to those in all 50 of the United States of America.

The contest will close tomorrow, Sunday November 14, at midnight so don’t delay!

Giving Thanks Giveaway: The Body Series

This giveaway is now closed.

Our second giveaway of the day comes from The Body Series. - Education is the key to injury preventionThe Body Series provides educational material to the dancer and dance teacher to maximize their technique while minimizing the potential for injury.

The is a natural progression of Deborah Vogel’s teaching, coaching, and medical experience. Working in New York and running a free dancer’s clinic with Dr. Richard Bachrach gave her years of practical experience putting together injuries and concerns with inefficient movement patterns.

Deborah has danced from an early age and has taught dance at the college level since the late 1970’s. “I understand the dancer’s world, with it’s unique demands, from the inside,” Deborah says, “and my goal is to give dancers and dance teachers the tools and skills they need to create change.”

When Dance Advantage arose as a platform for my thoughts on dance and teaching, I knew I wanted to spread the word about The Body Series and I’m proud to be an affiliate as well. I am quite sure, if you’ve been following Dance Advantage for any reasonable length of time, you have seen The Body Series mentioned before. I have followed Deborah’s Dancing Smart newsletter for *gulp* years now (long before she shifted her anatomy and injury Q&A to her blog).

You can subscribe to her newsletter, too. It’s free! (Just scroll down the sidebar at and enter your name and email) Discovering her work, if you haven’t before, will make you a winner already!

What we’re giving away:

Deborah would like to give away the Essential Anatomy Multimedia Course (value $149) to ONE lucky Dance Advantage reader.

Essential Anatomy is the only multimedia anatomy course that talks you through an area of the body, animating it visually, with included stretches and strengtheners to better your range of motion as well as flexibility and strength. The course comes directly from Deborah’s 22 years of experience teaching a functional anatomy course.

Dancers and dance teachers don’t need to know the name of every muscle in the body. They DO need to understand the important relationship between muscles and the alignment of the body. This is an efficient way to learn important anatomical principles and it’s easy to understand. Essential Anatomy is being used by Cecchetti USA as the required anatomy component for teacher certification.

As part of my bachelor of arts degree in dance, I took a kinesiology course. Like Essential Anatomy, the class and my textbook by Sally Fitt took me on a tour of my body, and more importantly, my dancing body. It may have been the most significant class of my college career, improving my dancing and my teaching with an affect like rippling waves; I’m still riding them. I haven’t made it through all 10 units (hours of material) on this 2-CD set but watching it is clearly accessing the essentials of Deborah’s college course right there on your computer. I picture, and I hope you can too, teachers and even students gathering to watch, learn, and discuss. The animations and video clips, plus conditioning and teaching tips make Essential Anatomy an invaluable resource for teachers and studios and it’s not nearly as heavy as my textbook!

The video below is an excerpt from the Knee Unit of Essential Anatomy:


Watch this video on YouTube.

Essential Anatomy’s video files require Quicktime, which can be downloaded for free online.

Dance studios, teachers, and students will benefit from having this learning tool on hand!

Enter to win:

Place a comment at this post, answering the question: What is the dance correction, statement, or “teacher-ism” you would most like explained anatomically?

The ever-popular “lift your leg from underneath?” Deband I — have both talked about that one.

Hold your arms from your back? Lift up? Get on top of your leg? We want to know!

This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada contestants and will close Sunday, November 14.

Best wishes! I hope you win.

Giving Thanks Giveaway: Richard Maddock Music

This giveaway is now closed.

Richard Maddock Music and Compositions

All CD cover images are the photographic work of Kim Fiocca.

Welcome to Day 5. Our next giveaway comes from Richard Maddock.

An experienced class musician, Richard Maddock composes CDs for ballet classes, choreography and relaxation.

For years, Richard was told by teachers, dancers, examiners and fellow colleagues that he should create CDs for ballet classes. “I wanted to have my music reach a larger audience, to inspire as many people as possible,” says Richard, “and to share my talents and music with others.” The result is several wonderful collections of compositions which Richard produces and distributes himself.

You may have seen Richard’s name and work on Dance Advantage before. I’ve reviewed some of his CDs and he kindly answered some of my questions in a short article series on accompanying dancers. He admits he’s not one for selling himself and so I’m going to do it for him, which frankly I find pretty easy.

The following, taken from the review linked above, best summarizes my thoughts on Richard’s compositions:

“Richard creates from a colorful palette of musical hues… It is easy to find inspiration in the material for the choreography of exercises because he paints attractive landscapes of sound… They encourage the student to perform the exercises rather than just complete them, which makes a teacher’s job easier in the long run.”

Music for Movement & Imaginations: Ballet Class and Creative Movement for Children 3 & UpWhat you can win:

Richard wants to give away one Music for Movement and Imaginations CD to THREE Dance Advantage readers.

Designed for childrens’ ballet or creative movement classes, this CD includes exercises to help children develop their sense of musicality and is a favorite among teachers. The “Dance-a-Story” selections are particularly inspiring for young imaginations. You can read my detailed review but maybe you’re sick of hearing it from me.

Therefore, I’d like to share this unsolicited quote from one of our readers, regarding this very CD.

“One of my colleagues won the CD Music for Movement & Imaginations a while back when you featured the give away on Dance Advantage. At our studio we all share the CDs and I can tell you, between us teachers, it’s the most sought after CD for the childrens’ classes. I use Music for Movement & Imaginations every week with my young Creative Dance students. It’s a fantastic collection of original compositions.”– Diana Nicastro, San Diego area ballet and creative dance instructor

Listen to tracks from Music for Movement & Imaginations here.

She goes on to say, “Richard’s music inspires me as well as my students. I also purchased the Garden Within and use this for stretch – yoga – & Pilates workout. My students & adults love this music as it takes us on a journey of imagination beyond the studio walls; helping us to center, focus & renew our energy.”

How to enter:

Leave a comment at this post describing the characteristics of, or what you look for in your favorite CDs for dance class.

Since when is finding music for dance class this easy?

This giveaway is open worldwide and lasts until Saturday, November 13. Three winners will be drawn on Sunday.

I hope you’ll be a winner! Check back later for yet another giveaway.

Giving Thanks Giveaway:

This giveaway is now closed.

It’s Day 4 and our second giveaway comes from KineticFlix.

Continuing education and inspiration at your price and place. rents the largest selection of instructional and performance dance DVDs in the world.

Linda, a dance and Pilates instructor at the University of Montana, always dreamed of having one of every dance DVD available. A fellow Pilates instructor had developed a specialty fitness DVD rental business and, knowing that it would be a valuable resource for the dance community, Linda thought it would be a great idea to have a similar business devoted to dance.

As a result, DancingFlix was opened in 2006. During the early months, many dance members inquired about renting DVDs that would help them with core conditioning. DancingFlix leapt at the opportunity to purchase her friend’s fitness inventory in 2007, and DancingFlix grew into KineticFlix.

With three unlimited DVD, monthly subscription packages it’s easy to find a KineticFlix monthly subscription plan that is right for you. There are no late fees. You never pay for shipping and can cancel anytime.

“We’re a small company where customer service is emphasized above all else and every email is answered personally,” says Linda. “We pay special attention to member requests and do our best to fulfill them.”

KineticFlix always gives two weeks free to a member who refers a friend. In addition, they sometimes trade membership time for good quality, used DVDs that dancers would prefer to pass along. - Rent fitness, dance, and sport DVDsHere’s what you could win:

KineticFlix would like to provide a $50 gift certificate to TWO Dance Advantage readers.

A $50.00 gift certificate provides hundreds of hours of DVD viewing.

What better way to get tips, get inspired, try a DVD before you make a purchase decision, learn from masters, or try a new style?

How to enter:

Leave a comment at this post, answering the question: What would be the first title you’d rent if you had a membership? (click here to browse KineticFlix titles)

KineticFlix currently ships only within the United States, therefore this giveaway is open only to U.S. readers. We will close the giveaway Saturday, November 13.

Good luck!