Why We Dance: In the Studio and On Stage

There are many reasons we dance. One dance teacher reflects on these as she looks back on her dance recital and all the students learned and accomplished, demonstrating why dance matters.

Drama-Free Costuming: Yes, It’s Possible!

Costumes are not only a means to express your artistry but an important part of your business. Whether you aspire to boost your competition team’s success or to have this be your most memorable year yet for recitals, Suzanne shares some tips for a drama-free costume experience this season.

Spring Fever Giveaway 2011: Squirrel Trench Audio Editing

Squirrel Trench Audio, offering music editing and original remixes for dance, would like to give away one editing session of a single song to dance competition/recital length to THREE different Dance Advantage readers. Squirrel Trench Audio will make the edited song available online for winners to download in both high quality mp3 format, as well as aiff for highest quality when burning to CD. Since the finished product will be made available for downloading, our winners can be located anywhere.

Giving Thanks Giveaway: DancesToGo… Encore

As before, Frances is offering a $25 gift certificate to THREE Dance Advantage readers. On this, the Dances To Go encore giveaway, there’s more! 3 Christmas dance routines, choreographed by yours truly. Leave a comment at this post, answering the question: What is your signature move when you choreograph?

Giving Thanks Giveaway: Grosh Backdrops

Grosh would like to give away a backdrop rental (winner’s choice) valued up to $500 to ONE Dance Advantage reader. Just place a comment at this post, answering the question: If you were to win, which theme or specific Grosh backdrop would make your performance or event a success?

Sunday Snapshot: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Dance studios are alive right now a dance recital costumes are rolling in. Students finalize and perfect their performance numbers, parents flurry in and out of offices, and teachers and studio owners hope for the best while preparing for the worst… just in case! The vibrant color of this sweet memory reminds me that the time is at hand for these special events.

Sunday Snapshot: Pretty in Pink

Though Hannah began just for fun, photography has since become very important to her. “I love it. It helps me express what I’m feeling and is an easy way to sort my thoughts out. I’d encourage anyone to become involved in photography! It’s so fun!”

Sunday Snapshot: Impressions

The painter Degas seemed to enjoy capturing the natural asymmetry of dancers in training. He preserved the everyday moments of dancers between barre exercises, waiting or tying their ribbons, or shared with viewers the skewed perspective of performance from the wings.