On Paths and Pyramids: Reshaping The Future of Dance

Competition dance ends at 18 years old. At that point dancers make a choice to buy-in or let go to a different view of dance. How do we help them with the transition?

The Pros and Cons of Dance Crossover

What are the pros and cons of traversing multiple genres in the dance field? Does it pay to be a Jack of all trades or will choreographers assume you’re a master of none? Featured columnist and dancer, Roger Lee shares his thoughts on what it’s like to find work and collect income from a variety of sources.

Dance/USA comes to Chicago!

Columnist and Chicago resident, Lauren Warnecke was in attendance for the Dance/USA 2011 Annual Conference. Sharing moments from the keynote speech and reflecting on one of the conference’s major themes, audience engagement, Lauren describes the value of getting dancers together in the same room.