Non-Performance Dance Careers: More Alternatives

Our look at alternative dance careers continues and features a young tutu maker who accepts commissioned ballet costume design and creation, and an emerging dance writer and critic.

History Moves: Using the Creative Process to Explore Dance History

When working with students on choreography it’s possible to get them thinking beyond steps to a more robust concept of creative process that encourages thoughtful choices about all areas of production. Heather demonstrated this with her previous article. This time, she goes a step further, showing you ways to connect these ideas with dance history to enrich students’ understanding.

Terpsichorus: Discussing Entity — Wayne McGregor/Random Dance

Terpsichorus means to delight in dance and is an open group event to encourage conversation and commentary on dance film, video, or books. Join us in our premiere discussion of the film and dance work Entity (Wayne McGregor/Random Dance). All are welcome. Join anytime!

Delight in Dance With Us!

In Greek mythology Terpsichore is the muse of lyrical poetry and dance but the word more literally means, “delighting in dancing”. You might also know that a Greek chorus is a group of performers who comment on the action within a play. Terpsichorus is a new dance discussion project – a collaborative effort between Dance Advantage and others to talk about performance film, documentaries, and books. Get details on our first selection up for discussion, Wayne McGregor’s Entity.