Summer Dance (the novel) Giveaway

Experience the highs and lows of a summer of dancing at Lakewood with Sara and her fictional friends (and rivals). Win Summer Dance by Lynn Swanson in our 800th post giveaway and pack this gem in your summer intensive suitcase.

Giving Thanks Giveaway 2012

Books, teaching videos, apparel, music, and more are being given away in our seasonal giveaway event!. Get the details here.

Dance Your PhD: Choreographer/Bioengineer Christopher Knowlton explores knee replacement through dance

What was once a little known video contest for PhD students to explain their research through dance has blown up into a full-scale online dance film fest. Dance Your PhD makes science accessible and understandable to everyone, communicating complex ideas, without watering it down or shutting the rest of us out. Lauren chats with Choreographer/Bioengineer Christopher Knowlton about how he’s combined his two worlds to create a dance film about knee replacement for the Dance Your PhD contest.

Got The Next Big Move? You Could Appear In a Fruit Of The Loom Ad

Jonathan ‘Legacy’ Perez is helping Fruit of the Loom find The Next Big Move for their next advertisement. Legacy talks with us about goals, adapting, and making an impression in an audition. Plus, if you’ve got The Next Big Move, find out how and where to audition!

Spring Fever Giveaway 2011: SURPRISE!

Our final giveaway comes from… Dance Advantage w/ a little help from a friend. Two readers will win a copy of The Dancer’s Way by Linda H. Hamilton (a comprehensive dancer’s companion); Richard Maddock’s As Creation Unfolds: Part Three (an instrumental album for relaxation or choreography), and a micro-fiber sleeveless t-shirt featuring the DA logo (great for class). A third, grand prize winner will get all this plus a pair of the popular MUK LUKs to keep the feet and ankles warm between classes.