Developing Performance, Expression & Communication Skills in Ballet

© Richard Calmes | Dancer: Kylie Morton

As she breaks down performance into its elements, Angeline offers tips and video examples that will help you breathe life into your ballet dancing whether for exams or the stage.

“And Remember To Smile!”

© Colin Hutton

Do you now remind your students to smile as they enter their dance examinations or auditions? Angeline’s article challenges the practice of telling dance students to smile en route to an exam, noting that it may hinder instead of help many students. We ask you, what are some alternatives?

Help! I Sweat A LOT In Dance Class!

IMAGE Woman wipes sweat from her brow. IMAGE

Do you sweat when you dance? A concerned reader asks what she can do about excessive sweating during class. See how I answer with tips and reassurance for greater confidence in a potentially embarrassing situation.

The Stem of Aplomb — Part One: The Cervical Spine

A young woman's arms, head, neck and shoulders are shown as she reaches overhead in a fitness class

The way that a dancer carries his/her head, the length of the neck, and the position of the chin, are pivotal to the overall appearance of grace and poise so necessary in dance. Understand the cervical spine and how it functions to project self-confidence, and improve common mistakes in cambré and carriage of the head.

How To Act (And React) Like A Professional


A consummate professional is constructive, positive, is motivated and has the ability to motivate others, displays generosity, and takes the high road. If you want to be seen as a professional in your career and in your life, you must develop strong leadership skills. And leaders are most often defined by their reactions to situations, rather than their actions.

Accentuate the Positive

IMAGE Attention! Only Positive Attitudes Allowed In This Area IMAGE

#responsiblesports asks “As a parent, how do you encourage and reinforce the positive aspects of youth sports?”

Mustering their Motivation: Strategies for Engaging and Inspiring Students

[image] Two dancers lying on the floor, lift their backs into an arch as they reach upward [image]

It can be hard to want to pour more of yourself into inspiring lackluster learners. But, as a teacher, you feel compelled to instill a passion for dance. So, how can you motivate students in a way that won’t deplete your energy reserves?

Is It Possible to Praise Kids Too Much?

IMAGE A teacher warmly congratulates her student. IMAGE

Is there such a thing as too much praise? How can one instill confidence without creating a dependence on external approval?