How To Cultivate And Keep A Winning Mindset

A dancer’s most important tool is a winning mindset. Here’s how to develop a positive mental attitude so that you’re at your best every time.

What Charlotte The Spider Knows About Nurturing Champions

If Charlotte can take a small, lonely, frightened little pig and turn him into a healthy, strong, confident winner, so can you. With lessons from “Charlotte’s Web,” dance teachers can learn how to turn their dancers into real champions, not just in competition but in life.

8 Great Links for Dancers In Training

We love sharing great articles from around the web. Here are eight great ones for dance students in all stages of their development.

11 Ways To Create A Positive Atmosphere In Your Dance Classes

Words of encouragement and a positive atmosphere helps students think more positively about themselves. Our guest writer offers some suggestions to help instructors foster a healthy self-esteem in their students. Plus there’s lots more related reading linked in the text so that you can start your new dance season on a positive note.

Sunday Snapshot: Mr. Curiosity

“From my perspective as a dance photographer, it’s about capturing the passion in the moments during a routine that translates the music visually to the audience through dance. A picture is worth a thousand words.” Of the young man in the photo above, Rene adds, “Austin does a great job of transferring his passion visually in this shot.”