8 Great Links for Dancers In Training

8 links for dancers

We love sharing great articles from around the web. Here are eight great ones for dance students in all stages of their development.

11 Ways To Create A Positive Atmosphere In Your Dance Classes

IMAGE A belly dancer poses with arms above her head, a confident smile on her face. IMAGE

Words of encouragement and a positive atmosphere helps students think more positively about themselves. Our guest writer offers some suggestions to help instructors foster a healthy self-esteem in their students. Plus there’s lots more related reading linked in the text so that you can start your new dance season on a positive note.

Sunday Snapshot: Mr. Curiosity

[Photo] Dancer Austin Meiteen in Dance Institute's Mr. Curiosity, photo by Rene Michaels

“From my perspective as a dance photographer, it’s about capturing the passion in the moments during a routine that translates the music visually to the audience through dance. A picture is worth a thousand words.” Of the young man in the photo above, Rene adds, “Austin does a great job of transferring his passion visually in this shot.”

DanceStage.com Creator, Colby’s Long And Winding Road

DanceStage.com Advisory Board

His path in dance and (I hope he won’t mind my saying) in life has been somewhat indirect. While it’s awesome to see a driven and focused career materialize, the truth is, most dancers I know have traveled a long and winding road. So, I thought it would be interesting to represent that and talk with Colby on the blog.

First of All — A Chat with Prix de Lausanne Winner Emanuel Amuchastegui


At the Prix de Lausanne, he performed a classical variation from August Bournonville’s La Sylphide and a contemporary solo, Caliban, from Cathy Marston’s The Tempest. In addition to winning PDL’s top prize, Amuchasetgui also brought home the “Audience Favorite” award. In the wake of his win, Amachastegui was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experience at the prestigious competition, his training, and his life outside of dance.

Streamlining Competition Registration with DanceSignUp.com

So, with a sneaking suspicion that you might be interested in something that could help streamline the process, and because I see a lot of potential in this this newly developed site, I chatted recently with Bret Robertson. His design company, Honu Studios, is responsible for bringing DanceSignUp to life.

Vote in the Global Dance Contest 2009


Sadler’s Wells, a top venue for dance in London, created a contest to search for new talent to perform live on stage. A team of judges has selected their favorite 10 videos from all the entries received and who wins is up to you! Vote for your favorite clip now by following the link below! You can take a look at all the entries received here. The prize for the Global Dance Contest 2009 is an expenses paid trip to {Read More}

Role Reversal: What are the Pros and Cons of Dance Competition

IMAGE Role Reversal graphic IMAGE

What are the pros or the benefits of competition in dance? And, what are the cons or negative aspects?

The Back-to-School Teach-a-thon is here!!

Art or Not? — Musings on Dance, Art, and Entertainment

Dance art seeks to expand the already giant container of dance, to push or blur our notions about dance or movement. Dance which is entertainment oriented often stirs up or remixes what’s already in the container.

Finding Quality Dance Instruction – Middle Ground

I come from a small town and have taught in some small cities where dance studios struggle to maintain integrity and keep their business (or non-profit) afloat. Access to educated and experienced dance teachers is sometimes minimal. Below, I’ve listed some circumstances that occur in dance studios across the country. They are not absolute deal-breakers, but potential students should proceed with caution and armed with knowledge and awareness when such situations are present. Combo classes. Many say to avoid them {Read More}

Finding Quality Dance Instruction – Deal-Makers

[image] Two dancers lying on the floor, lift their backs into an arch as they reach upward [image]

People don’t usually open a studio or attend a dance school if they don’t think it is a quality product being offered. However, in the dance world you’ll find some strong opinions about what is or is not quality dance instruction. I try very hard to see things from all angles. Therefore, I’d like to stick to what I consider the deal-makers and breakers of a dance education relationship. “Deal-makers” Qualities students should expect to find at an institution or {Read More}